Summer presents many opportunities for wearing cute summer dresses and cheeky bikinis. But if your odour control game is lacking even a bit, you can have some not-so-cute moments when you least expect them! Yep, soaring temperatures and humidity can lead to underarm issues like excessive sweating and body odour. And your best defence against exposing your BFFs to BO is a good deodorant. And not just any deodorant will do. What you need is a gentle formula that protects your delicate underarm skin while keeping you smelling fresh and feeling confident all day long. Enter: Dove Deodorants.

Yes, ladies, it’s true! Dove has finally launched their wildly popular skin-friendly deodorants for smooth and even-toned underarms skin in India, and here’s why you need to include these in your beauty arsenal ASAP!

Dove Deodorants

The best part about the Dove deodorants is that they offer more than just odour protection. Here’s what makes them a must-have in your skincare arsenal…

01. Gentle on the underarms - Your underarm skin is delicate and should be treated with special care. The Dove deodorant is free from ingredients like parabens and alcohol, which means it won’t irritate your delicate underarm skin.

02. Gives you even-toned underarms - Hair removal, especially shaving, may cause skin damage and lead to issues like pigmentation and roughness. The new Dove deodorants contain ¼  moisturising cream and caring oil that will give you even-toned, smooth underarm skin, making this one a total keeper.

03. Offers long-lasting odour protection - It provides up to 48 hours of odour protection. The gentle formula prevents bad odour and lends a soft fragrance that isn’t overwhelming or headache-inducing.

The Dove deodorants come in two variants —  Dove Even Tone Deodorant and Dove Original Smooth and Even Skin —  and are available in spray and roll-on forms. Priced at just ₹ 220 for the sprays and ₹ 200 for the roll-ons, the deos provide your underarms with the TLC they deserve without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, the lauch is from the house of Dove which we love and trust to be always gentle on out skin. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab them, RN!