How To Prevent Smelly, Sweaty Armpits This Summer

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
How to prevent smelly, sweaty armpits this summer

Summer season is upon us and you know what else is? Sweat fest. Summer brings with it, heat, body odour and the worst of the lot, armpit sweat.

Instead of basking in the glorious sunlight, you’re always wondering if your armpits stink and also secretly end up sniffing them during the day (just to make sure). Don’t be embarrassed, we’ve all been there (albeit discreetly). However, this summer is going to be different ‘cause we have a list of skincare tips that will ensure your armpits stay dry and fresh even it’s a 100 degrees outside, in which case you'll be burnt to a crisp but smell delicious nonetheless.


Exfoliate your underarms

Wear breathable clothes

Bet you never heard of this one!

Just like you exfoliate your face on a regular basis to get rid of dead skin cells and clean out the pores, you should start doing the same for your underarms too. Clean pores are a great and effective way to reduce sweating. Simply mix together 2 tablespoons of coffee powder, 1 tablespoon of sugar and some coconut oil to make a super effective scrub that you must definitely use this summer.


Take a little interval after showering

Wear breathable clothes

Stay away from hot water showers during the summer. However, if giving up on your perennial hot water shower routine seems impossible, then refrain from getting dressed the minute you walk out of the shower. Wait a few minutes before putting on clothes, as this will give your body some time to completely cool down and control sweat production in the process too.


Keep your armpits hair-free

Wear breathable clothes

One of the best ways to prevent too much underarm sweating is to keep them clean and hair-free. Indulge in any hair removal method you prefer, but ensure that you do so regularly. This is because hair can retain moisture leading to dampness and body odour. This simple practice of getting rid of underarm hair will lead to a major reduction in sweat production. Try it!


Wear breathable clothes

Wear breathable clothes

Wearing really tight clothes, especially the ones that are particularly tight in the underarm area, not only make you sweat more because of the lack of air ventilation, but also cause sweat patches. To avoid this, ensure that you wear loose clothes that are preferably made from cotton to prevent sweating.

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