The Best Solution To Prevent And Remove Blackheads: Top 5 Tips

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The Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads: Top 5 Tips

Apart from acne, another issue a lot of women tend to struggle with on a regular basis is blackheads. No matter how regularly you wash your face, or how effective your skincare products claim to be, successfully dealing with and keeping those pesky blackheads at bay is something a lot of us haven’t yet found a way to do. 

Blackheads give your skin a bumpy, textured look, make it more prone to breakouts, dull and uneven. But the real issue is that sometimes no matter how often you get yourself a professional clean-up, or how rigorously you exfoliate your skin and or how many quick-fix DIY ideas you put all your hopes into, blackheads don’t seem to go away, and keep recurring. This is because blackheads are pretty stubborn, and require daily targeting, if you really want to prevent them from coming back. 

But the answer to the question of how to remove blackheads, in fact, happens to be quite simple. It just means incorporating a few necessary lifestyle changes such as cutting back on smoking, touching your face as little as possible, and using non-comedogenic beauty products along with a dedicated skincare routine. If you have no idea how to build the best skincare routine for blackheads, then we’ve got you covered. Scroll down to find out everything about how to remove blackheads at home instantly.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

The Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads: Basics 

But before we begin, let’s take a little refresher on what exactly blackheads are, and how you identify them. Blackheads, also known as open comedones, are nothing but oil, bacteria and dead skin that got trapped in the skin’s pores. When these impurities were exposed to the air, they underwent oxidation and changed colour to black. 

As far as the reasons behind why you get blackheads goes, anything from using the wrong products, poor skincare habits, acute and constant stress, to even your genetics could be responsible. However, it is very much possible to keep the problem of blackheads under control by following a simple skincare routine. Here’s what you need to do, if you want to figure out how to remove blackheads from face, and how to remove blackheads from nose at home. 

The Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

1. Double cleanse

How to remove blackheads on nose naturally at home? No matter what skin concern you might be facing, cleansing your skin twice a day is non-negotiable. But since you have oily skin, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and impurities are more prone to settling onto your skin, which can end up clogging your pores and eventually, in blackheads. But a great way to avoid this problem is to double cleanse your skin. This may not be a quick how to remove blackheads in 5 minutes solution, but in time it will give you desirable results.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Start with removing makeup, sunscreen and other impurities with an oil-based cleanser or micellar water. These cleansers help break down makeup and impurities thoroughly without clogging your pores. You should then follow this up with a gentle, foaming face wash, like Simple Purifying Gel Face Wash with Thyme & Witch Hazel to flush out deep-set impurities for fewer blackheads and clearer-looking skin. This product is non-comedogenic, hypoallergenic, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

2. Exfoliate

Apart from cleansing, moisturising and other skincare steps that you need to follow, exfoliating is another important way of how to remove blackheads naturally. Make sure to use a gentle yet effective scrub to buff away all the dead skin cells and gunk settled deep within your pores.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Exfoliate your skin with firm yet gentle hands in an upward circular motion and rinse it off to reveal brighter-looking skin that’s less likely to develop stubborn blackheads. Use your scrub against blackheads at least a couple of times a week. We suggest you trying Lakmé Blush & Glow Orange Walnut Gentle Deep Clean Gel with green apple and apricot extracts, that gently washes away impurities, blackheads and dead skin cells from deep within to achieve moisturised, smooth and glowing skin.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

3. Include salicylic acid in your routine

Forget about such recipes as how to remove blackheads with toothpaste, and stick to proven remedies instead. If there’s one ingredient that works wonders for people with oily skin that is prone to blackheads and breakouts, it would be salicylic acid. This ingredient is really helpful in skincare, as it helps in breaking down the excess sebum, and exfoliates your skin to unclog pores.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Pick the products with salicylic acid, that helps to eliminate trapped oil and other impurities, clear out your pores to reduce the chances of blackheads. But if you have very sensitive skin, then avoid salicylic acid as it can overly dry out your skin, increase sensitivity and irritation.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

4. Consider starting retinoid

Being a vitamin A derivative, retinol not only helps in speeding up the process of skin recovery, but also decreases the stickiness of the cells that threaten to clog your pores. If continued over a period of time, just these two amazing benefits of retinol should be enough to transform your skin.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip 

If you have long-standing, stubborn blackheads that just don’t seem to go, then you can consider including a retinoid cream. If you’re asking, this is an effective way if you’ve been wondering how to remove blackheads from nose permanently.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

5. Use non-comedogenic products

Anyone with oily, acne-prone and combination skin may have definitely heard of the term non-comedogenic. What this term basically means is that the products labelled as non-comedogenic are usually oil-free formulations, and do not pose the risk of clogging your pores.

Instructions on How to Use the Tip

Choose products, that have a lightweight texture and are easily absorbed into your skin, therefore are completely safe for those with oily, acne and blackheads-prone skin. When you learn how to avoid comedogenic ingredients, you’ll discover how to remove blackheads from nose naturally.

Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads | Top 5 FAQs about blackheads

FAQs about Best Solution to Prevent and Remove Blackheads at Home 

Q1 What to apply on the face after removing blackheads

Homemade extracting methods of how to remove deep blackheads can cause permanent damage to the skin in the form of a bad breakout and scarring. However, if you do end up extracting a blackhead at home, make sure to immediately follow it up with a pore-tightening, alcohol-free toner. A witch hazel-based toner is perfect for this, but make sure to avoid touching the area directly, and use an alcohol-free toner to avoid skin irritation. 

Q2 How to remove blackheads and whiteheads permanently overnight? 

While we all want quick and effective results when it comes to our skin problems, unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that, and it is not advisable either. Even though completely getting rid of a blackhead or whitehead at home may not exactly be possible, you can try to reduce the appearance of it by using a salicylic acid cleanser or scrub, and following it up with retinoids and a lightweight moisturiser. However, this will also take time for you to see results. 

Q3 Are blackhead removal strips bad? 

Even though pore strips aren’t exactly damaging for your skin, the results they deliver are quite temporary. This is why they may not be the best solution, if you want to know how to remove blackheads permanently. However, if you have sensitive skin, or have psoriasis, eczema or rosacea, or are using any form of prescription medicine for acne that makes your skin dry, then pore strips could cause a bit of skin irritation and/or redness. 

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