To look beautiful, have glowing skin and remain young is every person’s dream – be it a man or woman. Each time there is an article about how a certain Hollywood or Bollywood celebrity or a supermodel follows a beauty regime it becomes exceptionally popular. But are there limitations to what should be construed as beauty treatments? Or is all fair in the fight against time and gravity? One of the newer treatments to come into the market is Snail Slime Treatments! Yup, you read it right! There are a couple of ways to experience this supposed youth serum. You can either sign up for a Snail Facial or if you are faint-hearted, there are creams available in the market that use snail slime as their active ingredient.
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The ancient Greeks supposedly subscribed to snail goo as a beauty treatment and it was rediscovered somewhat recently when Chilean snail farmers who handled the snails to be shipped to France (where the poor things become the delicacy called escargot), noticed that their hands looked younger and smoother, and that small cuts and scrapes healed faster. Thus, came about the idea that maybe the slime the snails excrete to heal their legs when they move about has properties to bring about younger looking skin.

Snail Facial

Not much to write about this. You go into a spa that offers this kind of a facial, you lie down and the attendant puts a few snails on your face, which crawl about for a limited period of time. This became popular first in Japan. The snails used are not picked off the mud it seems, but reared in a clean environment and fed organic greens and vegetables for food, thus making them safe to use for such purposes. It also makes it quite an expensive procedure. So if you have the money, and the spirit to try strange things, you know what to look for!

Snail Creams

For the faint of heart who don't have it in them to let snails crawl all over their face, but still want to try something new, there are products available in the market that use the snail slime as their active ingredient. Basically, the snails are mechanically stressed to encourage secretions, which is then filtered several times and then packaged into products. The extract is supposed to be a complex blend of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin all of which help in reducing inflammations and wound healing, thus aiding in restoring damaged tissue and hydrating the skin.

There are a few stranger facials than using snails in the market, but that is for another day! Have you tried any strange treatments for your hair or skin—with or against your best judgment? If yes, write into us and share your experience!

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