4 updos that will work on anyone who has fine hair

Looking to add some volume to your hairstyle? Well, an updo is a great way to do just that. You may believe that updos only suit thick hair, but this isn’t so—with just a little teasing and backcombing, and some knowledge of what updos work best for your hair, you’ll be on your way to flaunting hairstyles that look exceptional.

Here are four updos you can try if you’ve got fine hair and are looking for a different way to style it…

Sleek topknot hairstyle for  Fine Hair

1. Sleek topknot

If you’re worried about your topknot looking too tiny because your hair is thin, you can relax—hair doughnuts are there to help! Get a hair doughnut that’s the colour of your hair, and use this convenient accessory to create a knot right at the top of your head. Spread your hair around the sponge evenly, and you’ll be good to go.

Braided chignon hairstyle for  Fine Hair

2. Braided chignon

This bun may be set low, but its looseness will surely make your hair seem thicker than it actually is. Having a few loose wavy tendrils out at the front can surely elevate this updo by adding some extra fullness to it. If you’re worried about it getting too loose and going limp, stiffen it with some lightweight hairspray.

Flipped under ponytail hairstyle for  Fine Hair

3. Flipped-under ponytail

This is one of the most chic updos there are, and looks great even if you’ve got fine hair. Generously apply some gel on your hair, tie a high ponytail, secure ponytail, and then take the bottom of the tail and flip it under your hair tie. By doing this, you’ll be left with a hairstyle that’s sleek and one that doesn’t give away how fine your hair actually is.

French braided bun hairstyle for  Fine Hair

4. French braided bun

To don this gorgeous hairstyle, begin by diagonally French braiding your hair (make sure the braids are loose). Then, take the rest of your loose hair and flip it into the hair tie that’s securing your braid, and you’ll be left with a hair that looks full and pretty.

Image credits: My Wedding Guides, Good Housekeeping, Style Caster online

written by on Feb 09, 2018


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