4 Ways To Deal With Hair Loss In The Winter

Written by Cassandra PereiraNov 09, 2020
4 ways to deal with hair loss in the winter

When winter comes around, you won’t be surprised to see yourself losing a lot of more hair in the shower than you normally do. And there’s no reason to be alarmed! Just as the health of your skin is cyclical based on the change in seasons, as is the hair loss you’ll suffer during winter.

The reason you suffer from an excessive amount of hair loss in the winter is that the dry air outside sucks out all the moisture from your scalp, and makes it dry as well. A dry scalp leads to dry hair, and dry hair results in breakage, and hair fall. Don’t only blame the air outside, however. Your home’s heating system could be just as responsible for your hair becoming dry and prone to breakage. You should also note that a dry scalp leads to dandruff, which makes your head feel super itchy and unhealthy. This, coupled with arid air, can cause a significant amount of hair loss in the winter. It’s also best to avoid using heat to style your hair, as dry heat is the last thing your locks need in the winter.

Those of you with fine hair will need to be a little more careful in the winters especially when it comes to hair loss. As you’re already doing everything you can to make your hair seem a little more voluminous, winters make hair seem flat, dull, and lifeless by default. This is why you need to do everything in your power to make sure winter doesn’t ruin your hair.

You’re probably wondering what you can do to make sure your hair doesn’t fall out or break in the colder months of the year. Read on, and you’ll find out what you need to do to stop hair loss in the winter…


1. Oil massages

Use a hair mask

There’s nothing like a good oil massage for your hair in the winter, is there? Besides being extremely relaxing, oil massages are a great way to prevent hair fall in the winter. Oils such as almond oil and olive oil are great for your hair, as they provide your hair and scalp with the right vitamins and fatty acids needed to fight the winter. You could also try jojoba oil, as it’s a wonderful moisturizer for your hair.


2. Consume the right vitamins

Use a hair mask

Can’t you hear your mother’s words ringing in your ears right now? “Take your vitamins!” is what she always said when you were a child, didn’t she? Well, she was right. The right vitamins can do wonders to your hair, and make it really strong—strong enough to fight winter’s cold, arid air.

Read our full guide on the vitamins your hair needs here.


3. Use the right kind of shampoo and conditioner

Use a hair mask

If you’re dealing with hair loss in the winter, you’ve got to switch your hair care routine to include products that will do your hair good and fight hair fall. Our recommendation is the TRESemmé Hairfall Defense range that is enriched with advanced quality ingredients as its Hydrolysed keratin helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair loss no matter what the season.


4. Use a hair mask

Use a hair mask

The occasional hair mask in the winter is also a great way to give your hair the moisture it needs to become less prone to breaking. A deep conditioning mask is a great way to keep your hair hydrated, and prevent it from drying out and becoming dull and lifeless. Have you read our full guide on the right kind of masks to nourish your hair yet?

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