5 Hair Accessories To Dress Up Your Ponytail

Written by Cassandra PereiraOct 10, 2018
5 hair accessories to dress up your ponytail

You’re flipping through a magazine and notice a photograph of your favourite celebrity wearing a gorgeous ponytail, and you wonder, “Why can’t I wear a ponytail without it looking like I’m trying to hide a bad hair day?” You then realize that your favourite celeb probably got her ponytail done by a professional who can make a simple ponytail stylish and exciting. So, you stock up on hair product and a range of different types of combs and hairbrushes to transform your boring ponytail into something that’s Page 3-like. However, you end up spending a lot of your time trying to perfect this fashionable, stylish ponytail and don’t end up with the results you truly want. Well, the easiest and fastest way to style your ponytail is by stocking up on a couple of hair accessories, and nobody will guess you took less than 10 minutes to do your hair. Keep reading if you’re wondering what these accessories are.

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1. A silk or satin ribbon

5. Floral hair ties

Silk or satin ribbons may seem like simple accessories, but they sure can take your ponytail up a notch. Tie a navy blue, or gray, or black ribbon around your low ponytail, and you’ll be left with hairstyle that’s nothing short of classy. This doesn’t have to be a wide, school girl-like ribbon, but a narrow one will surely make your hairstyle seem fancy.

2. A stylish headband

A delicate, stylish headband is nothing short of gorgeous. Put on a headband like this, and tie your hair the way you usually would, and you’ve got yourself a super cute, feminine hairstyle. These headbands are available in almost every store that sells accessories, so you won’t have a hard time finding one you love.


3. A scarf

5. Floral hair ties

A scarf is one of those accessories that you can use in more than just one way. Tie a printed or coloured scarf around your ponytail in a knot, and you’ll be left with an adorable hairstyle that’s very girl-next-door. It’s best to use a silk or satin scarf, as the fabric won’t rub against your hair and make it brittle.

4. Small hair clips

You’ve probably seen those little clips that come in sets of three or four. Well, they’re a great way to style your hair if you’ve got a ponytail. These clips could be floral ones or even look like little pearls or diamonds, and are absolutely gorgeous. Clip some of these close to where you’ve gathered your hair into a low ponytail, and you’ll be pleased.


5. Floral hair ties

5. Floral hair ties

There isn’t a doubt in the world that flowers are stunning. And so, why not take advantage of their beauty by incorporating them in your hairstyle. We don’t mean using real flowers of course—floral hair ties are what you need. They’re easily available, really easy to use, and can make your ponytail seem prettier than ever. No matter the occasion (however, it’s best to leave them out when you’re going to work), these hair ties work wonderfully.

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