5 Things You Didn’t Know About Dandruff

Written by Chandni GhoshNov 12, 2019
You'd agree when we say that dandruff has been one of the most recurring problems of our lives. While we've all faced the issue of dandruff woes, we need to get a complete low-down on this hair problem with its lesser known causes and foolproof solutions. Read on to find out all about it...

You can blame it on heat styling

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We get it — heat styling can be extremely tempting, especially on days when we want to give our hair that extra oomph factor. But ever wondered that daily use of blow dryers and hair straighteners could be the cause of your flaky scalp? Well, heat styling robs your scalp of moisture and causes your scalp to dry. This causes itchiness and often leads to dandruff problems. So make sure you restrict the usage of heat styling as much as possible.

Your age and gender have a role to play

Your age and gender or even skin type play a pivotal role in causing dandruff. When your hormones are creating a ruckus (perhaps, when you’re hitting puberty or are pregnant), dandruff can be a major part of your hair concerns.


It could lead to hairfall

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Dandruff can be rather itchy and hence, the trauma caused on your scalp by scratching can easily lead to hair loss. This is why arresting dandruff at an early stage will be a good idea before it leads to severe loss of hair. We suggest using the Pure Derm Anti-Dandruff Anti Hairfall Shampoo, which is infused with the rosemary and tea tree extracts in it, as it not only helps you get rid of dandruff but also cuts down hairfall by 97 per cent.

Your diet could be a cause

Did you know that your diet has a major role in accelerating dandruff woes? Foods high in saturated and trans fats cause your sebaceous glands to produce more oil, which worsens dandruff. Remember to include healthy fats like avocados, nuts and olives in your diet to get rid of hair problems like dandruff.


You can’t neglect hair washes

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Dandruff can make your scalp smelly and itchy. This is why you need to ensure that you wash your hair at least 4 times a week to get rid of the dandruff. We suggest using the Pure Derm Dandruff Protect Anti-Dandruff Shampoo that removes dandruff and prevents it from coming back. Enriched with micro-sized bubbles, this shampoo contains anti-dandruff ingredients that purify the scalp while leaving it hydrated. What’s more, it’s free of parabens!

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