Always envied girls with long hair who can experiment with braided hairstyles? Guess you can do it too! For those of you with bobs, lobs or just short layered haircuts, the pictures below should tell you how you can get on to the braid bandwagon rightaway!
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BB pro tip

Before you try braids for short hair, we recommend you nourish your hair with the right shampoo and conditioner. We suggest using the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. Its formula is enriched with Amla Pearl Complex so it will leave your hair full, shiny and silky.

Mohawk braid hairstyle for short hair

Mohawk braid

Remember this time when Lucy Hale debuted her Mohawk braid on her short lob? While we never thought that was possible, the braid looked stunning on her hair. Make sure you create a sleek one while copying this hairstyle.

Double French braid hairstyle for short hair

Double French braids

School girl plaits? Now flaunt them even with short hair! If you have highlights, remember that French braids look adorbs with short hair.

Side braided ponytail hairstyle for short hair

Side braided ponytail

Like ponytails? Like braids? Turn your short tresses into a side braided ponytail hairstyle. We promise—it’s going to get you compliments in plenty!

Waterfall braid hairstyle for short hair

Waterfall braid

Who says waterfall braids don’t work for short hair? Well, if you take a section of hair and braid it across at the back, you can totally flaunt a waterfall braid even if you have short hair!

Half up half down braid hairstyle for short hair

Half-up half-down braid

Bored of leaving your hair loose? Create a tiny braid at the back of your head while leaving a section of your hair loose. You can add a fancy elastic to seal the braid.

Crown braid hairstyle for short hair

Crown braid

Create a crown braid while leaving an itsby bitsy mini bun at the back of your head. Remember to use most part of your hair into the braid before you finally lock them in with a bun hairstyle.

written by on Mar 06, 2018


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