If you’re born between December 22nd and January 16th, the season of your Zodiac is here! The sign is symbolised by a Goat, and people born under this sign have Saturn in their astral house, making them a force to reckon with. Known for their pragmatism, grace and maturity, Capricorns have magnetic personalities, making them attractive and leaving you wanting to know them more!

Here are 6 qualities that make Capricorns natural born leaders:


1. Determined

1. Determined

Once the Capricorn decides on doing something, there is no turning back. The Goat is focused and achieves the goal. The internet is full of images with goats climbing bikes and cars to reach the leaves they want to munch on, often amusing. What the others don’t realise is, this determination makes them unstoppable and they are often perceived as ambitious people. Perhaps this is why Muhammed Ali floated like the butterfly and stung like a bee, with a career record of 56 wins and merely 5 losses! He inspired many adaptations of his life, where the underdog wins the final match. Ali was also a humanitarian and an advocate of Black Rights in America.

2. Responsible Team Leaders

People born under this sign, are responsible and committed to their work, and although they are shy and diplomatic, their authoritative personality trait make them good team leaders and organisers. The inherent nature of a Capricorn is to care for and nurture, making them understanding and inclusive leaders. India has 2 former Capricorn Cricket team Captains, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Rahul Dravid.

3. Practical

The Capricorn is dignified, and often appears mature. They are practical people, who take decisions after careful consideration, and with complete pragmatism. They are calm and composed, and are hardly known to lose their temper. Our very own Deepika Padukone is known for her grace, and charms us with her dignified composure every time! Her decision to open up about her battle with depression and start an NGO for the cause makes her a lovable public figure.

4. Tirelessly Helpful

The sincerity of the Capricorn is what makes them reliable. The former FLOTUS, Michelle Obama, is loved and revered all over the world, because of her extensive contribution to end obesity, hunger and starvation, homelessness, and has been an advocate for children’s and women’s rights.

5. Magnetic authoritarianism

Capricorns are often dignified and authoritative, making them excellent public leaders. Take for example, the very handsome, Justin Trudeau, with his charming smile, graceful dance moves and progressive public opinions, he’s got everyone’s attention and for all the right reasons making accepting his public policy a lot easier!

6. Disciplined, balanced and stable

Leaders need to maintain balance and stability in their lives, and the disciplined nature of Capricorn makes them fit the bill perfectly. Team with Capricorns as leaders are often the ones that most detail oriented and seem to finish tasks on time, without errors.