6 Of The Most Common Skin And Hair Care Mistakes During Holi

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurOct 04, 2018
6 of the most common skin and hair care mistakes during Holi
Today is Holi and for all of you who are all set to bring on the long weekend of fun, colours, festivities and bhaang (ahem), we have a little something for you. We wish to save you the post-Holi trauma by warning you about some skin and hair related mistakes you tend to make. Read about some of the Holi skincare and haircare tips you can keep in mind…

You ignore your nails

You leave your hair open

This is a highly forgotten body part when it comes to Holi skincare. It’s funny how we completely ignore our nails when we play Holi considering we use our hands the most during the celebrations. Also, hey, we bet you ignore your toenails too! Once the Holi colour settles in your nails, it’s next to impossible to get rid of it. Best option? Make sure your nails are cut and you’ve applied a good amount of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on them. You can also apply a coat of transparent nail colour. Avoid getting acrylic or gel nails done before Holi.


You don’t moisturise

You leave your hair open

And by that, we don’t mean just your regular moisturiser. We mean hardcore slathering of oodles of coconut oil mixed with a hydrating moisturiser (face and body) We love the Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion that gives you long-lasting moisture. This helps the colour come off easily and keeps your skin hydrated throughout. Your Holi skincare is incomplete without this step.

You forget the sunscreen

Most Holi parties happen outdoors—you know what we’re getting at? Sunscreen! Choose a high SPF (we recommend 50) with +++ PA and apply it either prior to or after moisturising. Don’t miss out on areas like the nape of your neck, elbows, feet and even ears.


You forget your lips

You leave your hair open

Okay so your face is all moisturised and prepped for Holi colours—but what about your lips? The skin on your lips is way more sensitive than your face and body, so, it requires extra care. Exfoliate your lips well and apply 4-5 coats of a hydrating lip balm, especially one that has SPF in it.


You leave your hair open

You leave your hair open

Yes, the movies might show you actresses with lustrous, colour-smeared locks dancing their hearts out during the festival—but that just in the movies. IRL, the colour is just going to wreck your hair. Solution? Oil your hair from the root to the tip and tie it in a neat braid. You can also wear a bandana to avoid the colour from sticking to your scalp. This is the ultimate pre-Holi haircare regime that you need.

You’re harsh on your skin and hair post Holi

You scrub and tug your skin on your face and body and rinse your hair with shampoo too many times to remove the Holi colour. This will only damage your skin and hair. So, be gentle and patient! Use products like baby oil, soft cotton pads, mild shampoos etc. post Holi to ensure you don’t damage your skin. Remember to use a lot of moisturiser as the Holi colours will tend to dry your skin a little.

Keep all these tips in mind before playing and we’re sure your hair and skin will stay healthy and happy while you play Holi!

Happy Holi!

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