8 Hair Trends That Will Be Popular In 2018

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 19, 2018
Think 2018 is all about embracing change and getting all new hair? Below is a list of hair trends that will be the talking point of 2018. Scroll down to get a low-down on how to change your hair game this year…


Black hair with rose highlights

Big scrunchies are going to make a comeback this year. So if you’ve been using thin rubber bands, it’s time to trade them for big scrunchies. Try a sleek ponytail hairstyle and then dress your hair up with a big, bold scrunchie.


Double barettes

Black hair with rose highlights

Having taken inspiration from Versace’s show at Milan Fashion Week last year, double barettes are going to be the newest hair accessories on the block. You can even use embellished bobby pins on either side to copy the look!


Big curls

Black hair with rose highlights

Girls with naturally curly hair, it’s your time to shine ‘coz the ‘big hair don’t care’ attitude can be worn with conviction this year. Enhance your curls with a spray that leaves your tresses looking shiny.


Flyaway fringe

Black hair with rose highlights

Think the regular frontal bangs are too mainstream for you? Frizzy haired girls, here’s the good news—flyaway bangs are going to be quite the rage all of 2018. A cool hairstyle with an androgynous feel, try the flyaway fringe on days when you’re feeling slightly experimental.


Vanilla blonde hair

Black hair with rose highlights

This one doesn’t have icy undertones; it’s more like a warmer white. So if you’ve been thinking about going platinum for a while, know that vanilla blonde might be an even better idea!


The baby bun

Black hair with rose highlights

Girls with short hair, can we have your attention? This year will have lotsa baby buns. Forget envying top knots; you can flaunt big buns with your short hair now. Fuss-free, right?


Sweat bands

Black hair with rose highlights

If you’re a 90’s kid, you can never forget how sweat bands were a thing back then. Guess it’s time to bring them out again because they’re going to be the all new roaring trend of 2018. C’mon, Kaia Gerber wore it on the runway. Are you convinced yet?


Black hair with rose highlights

Black hair with rose highlights

Colouring your hair all black and then adding rose highlights to it—that seems like the newest hair colour trend on the block. Choose a coppery rose gold balayage over your black hair to create the perfect contrast!

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