You’ve finally got some time off work and can’t wait to go out for that elusive date night with your SO. Your dress is in place, as are your shoes and makeup but you just can’t decide what to do with your hair. But you also can’t bear to sit in the salon for another one hour to get it done—which is when this classy French twist should come to your rescue. Run through our stepwise guide and keep two pencils handy…You’ll have date-ready hair in no time!

sunsilk perfect straight shampoo and conditioner

Before you begin, condition your hair with the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner Range so that your hair is clean, shiny and straight aka makes for the perfect working base.

You will need: Pencils

Step 1: Tie your hair and pass a pencil vertically through the center of your ponytail.

Step 2: Then add another pencil in the same line as the first pencil.

Step 3: Take off the rubber band and slide the hair outwards holding the two pencils.

Step 4: Now roll the hair inwards (towards your scalp) and secure the bun in place using bobby pins and U-pins.

Step 5: Once you have secured the bun, gently remove the pencils.

There you have it!