We’re always on the lookout for the latest hair trends, especially during summers when we are constantly trying to find ways to keep hair off our neck. And while we are struggling to master and make do with basic buns and braids, there is a new, unique hair trend that is making the regular hairstyles look well...inadequate.

Enter fossil braid! Inspired by fossils, this new hair trend is a combination of the Dutch French plait and fishtail braid. Spoiler alert! It sure is double the hard-work, but much easier to achieve than you think.

Dutch French Plait

Dutch French Plait

Sometimes called the inside-out or reverse plait, the Dutch French plait is a variation on the classic three-strand plait and follows the same technique, except that instead of bringing sections of the plait over and into the center, you bring them under. This way, the shape of the plait is seen on the top, while the sections of added hair sit smoothly underneath.

Fishtail Braid

For a perfect fishtail braid, split the hair into two sections and continue crossing them over each other, until the very end of your locks. Remember to pull your hair tightly as you go along (for a secure finish), and tie the end with an elastic. Lastly, lightly pull on each side of the braid to fatten it up and make it less perfect.

So, now that you know how to do them both the right way, let's move on to the fossil braid.

Fossil Braid

Starting on top, braid your hair in a Dutch French plait till below the nape of your neck. Now switch to the fishtail technique continuing all the way down, and tie the end of the braid with an elastic. Next, take the braid and roll it up on the side or on top your head (like a donut) and pin it tight using bobby pins. Finally, use a hairspray to give it added hold and texture, and tame any flyaways or frizz.

And that's it! Not only is this look perfect for a hot summer day (styling your hair up and away from your neck can be a lifesaver in the heat), but it also works great for weddings and parties. Also, if you're a fan of hair accessories and glitter, you can add them both to the braid for a trendier look.

So, if you're inspired and fancy this ethereal hairstyle, we totally think you should try it! It's a definite head-turner and to be honest, we love it!

P.S.: Bonus points if you're currently rocking rainbow or pastel-colored locks. They add even more dimension to the style.