Blake Lively’s iconic role as Serena Van Der Woodsen on Gossip Girl may have given us endless fashion inspo, but, what we also haven’t forgotten is how every girl wanted to wear her hair like hers at some point. Blake has a stunning, thick mane and she makes the most of it by experimenting with hairstyles—especially ponytails and braids. Let’s have a look at some of her braid hairstyles that we’ve loved…

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Blake Livelys messy braid hairstyle

We’ve always been messy braid lovers, so we had to put this side-swept double braid hairdo sported by Blake Lively on the top of our list. We also love how she took the hairstyle a notch up by adding a cute accessory.

Blake Livelys messy low bun hairstyle

Braided buns have never fallen out of favour with women. We love Blake’s single-braid messy low bun that makes for a statement-worthy hairstyle to wear with flowy cocktail dresses, evening gowns et al.

Blake Livelys high ponytail hairstyle

Blake Lively’s barbie-like hair is perfect for a high ponytail going into a fishtail braid hairdo. All you girls with long hair, this hairstyle is something that you must try!

Blake Livelys high ponytail and braid hairstyle

Speaking of high ponytails and braids going so well together, this messy, almost tousled braid that she sported at the Cannes Film Festival in 2014 is definitely something to lust after. With lots of texture, volume and teasing, this braid hairstyle is easily achievable.

Blake Livelys 90s braid hairstyle

If you’re someone who loves to wear her hair loose, but still wishes to bring a fun element to it, this hairstyle should do the trick for you. The classic ‘90s braids worn with loose hair look adorable and are completely fuss-free!

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