Bb Trend Alert – Butterbeer Hair Colour

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 06, 2018
BB Trend alert – Butterbeer hair colour
We’re sure most of you know about butterbeer—the famous beverage from Harry Potter. For those who don’t, it’s a delicious, creamy, foamy beer beverage that used to be a favourite of the wizards. After eyeshadows and makeup brushes, it’s now time for hair colour to get its very own Harry Potter spin! We’re talking about butterbeer hair colour—a new entrant in the hair colour trends of 2018 that we’re sure you will love. Scroll down to find out more about it…



Butterbeer hair colour is a gorgeous combination of buttery yellows, oranges, blondes with some hints of reds and caramels. It’s basically nothing less than a visual treat! Don’t let the yellows freak you our ‘coz you can easily adapt this hair colour according to your preference. The best part? It’s perfect for summers!


How you can wear it…


The versions of this hair colour are plenty—if you wish to go all-out bright, choose the yellow as the primary standout shade. A subtler take on this hair colour would be the one with barely-there yellow highlights blended with natural hues such as caramels or browns.


For fair and pale skin tones, opt for copper reds infused with warm browns—you can also opt for hints of flaming oranges. We suggest keeping some of your natural black hair as it is as that will give your hair colour extra dimension!


For girls with medium to dark skin tones, this hair colour is a must-do! Choose yellow and brunette balayage that will definitely be statement-worthy and will complement your skin tone beautifully. Of course, you can add other colours of your choice to this.


Another variant of the butterbeer hair colour is Gryffindor hair, which is the creation of Virginia Beach-based stylist Crystal Casey. The colour is done with almost the same shades of butterbeer hair colour, but the style is completely different! It’s done by bleaching horizontal sections of hair which are then coloured to look patchy and chunky—but not in a bad way at all! This is done by using a basic balayage technique.

We’re spellbound (pun intended) by this hair colour trend and fully recommend it for the summers! Would you get it?

Image credits: popsugar, allure,, revelist

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