Bb Trend Alert–Dermaplaning, The New Facial Hair Removal Technique

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 17, 2019
BB Trend Alert–Dermaplaning, the new facial hair removal technique
We can never get enough of hair removal trends, from painless waxing trends to laser, the hair removal market is huge and gains significant momentum whenever something new and interesting comes to the fore. The recent trend is ‘Dermaplaning’, a facial hair removal technique that doubles up as an exfoliating process too! In simple words, it’s a technique that removes your dead skin cells as well as the peach fuzz from your face. The best part? It’s painless! Scroll down to read how this technique gives you the best of both worlds–hair removal and skincare!

How is it done?

How is it done?

Dermaplaning is done using a scalpel (yes, the only surgical tool that Bollywood movies know of) which is used to gently scrape off the top layer of your skin and remove dead skin cells. This results in a smooth, bright complexion. And if dead skin cells can be removed by a sharp scalpel, so can facial hair (duh).

This technique essentially triggers the cell renewal process by getting rid of anything that impair the growth of new, healthy cells. In some cases, it can also get rid of hyperpigmentation and make skin look better. 

Who should do it?

Dermaplaning is pretty much safe for everyone to do, but if you have cystic acne breakouts, it obviously isn’t the right technique for you. What you could do is wait for your skin to clear up and then get it done. Allergies etc. should also be taken into consideration before getting this done.

For people with extremely sensitive skin, this exfoliation + hair removal technique can cause excessive redness which may take some time to reduce.

Why should I do it?

Who doesn’t like smooth skin with a texture like silk? We all do. This celeb approved facial hair removal and skincare treatment guarantees foolproof results and is perfect for occasions (obvious hint: Christmas, New Years!) Dermaplaning results into a face that’s free of the annoying peach fuzz which, by the way, is one of the key causes of cakey makeup. So, definitely get this done if you want even, flawless makeup that lasts long. Also, if you’re done with all the tugging, pulling and threading pain befriend dermaplaning! The results last for up to 3-4 weeks depending upon how fast your hair grows.

I’m sold! Where should I do it?

All the leading skin clinics across the country offer this treatment. It’s really important to take the therapist’s skills into consideration because things like pressure and technique are at the peak of priority in dermaplaning. So, do thorough research before jumping into the dermaplaning bandwagon by consulting a specialist.

Now that you know everything about this technique, would you give it a try?

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