Do you want your hair to take a break from those heat-styling tools but still want to experiment? Well, with no-heat style tutorials taking over your Instagram feeds, why don’t you give one of those a try. Better yet, we have curated some simple and easy ways on how to make curly hair at home without the need for any curler. 


Easy hacks to curl hair: the basics

Easy hacks to curl hair: the basics

There was a time when straight, sleek hair was a huge trend and women with wavy or curly hair would spend a lot of money getting their hair straightened or rebonded (ugh). Thankfully, those days are now over and women with wavy or curly hair are embracing their natural hair by taking extra care of it like following appropriate conditioning techniques. But there are those who have naturally straight hair and they fancy a curly, voluminous mane occasionally. If you're one of those and don't really have curling iron or tongs at home, these hacks will help on how to make curly hair. 

And the requirements even that many. You can either get curls with the help of rollers, an old t-shirt that you can tear into thin strips, an elastic headband, chopsticks or pencils. As for styling products, you can either use a straightener or even do without it. And to make sure your curls last longer, use a styling serum like the Tresemme Pro Pure Moisture Boost Hair Serum. If your hair is dry and coarse, no amount of coaxing will help style them. This paraben-free serum has aloe vera and coconut oil to hydrate your hair and tame frizz so you end up with the perfect curls. Just apply a few drops from mid-length to the ends and get to curling! 

Hacks to get curly hair naturally 


1. Pin curls

1. Pin curls

Image credit: @vavoomvintage 

The idea is to pin sections of your hair in a curled manner to achieve curly hair. You will get the best results when you leave these overnight. They're a little time-consuming but if you don't wish to apply external heat to your hair, this is what you should go for. 

What you will need: Bobby pins, a lot of them! 

Step 1: Start by sectioning your slightly damp hair (1 inch thick) and wrap it around your finger creating a loop, continue doing this till you reach the head. 

Step 2: Place the loop horizontally and secure it with a bobby pin. Do this with all of your hair sections in the front and also at the back. 

Step 3: You can wrap your hair with a scarf and leave it overnight. 

Step 4: Lose the pins the next morning and allow the hair to naturally fall into the curly/wavy shape it takes. 


2. Headband curls

2. Headband curls

Image credit: @joannahaughton 

How to make curly hair if you are not really one to have patience? You can also use a hair dryer to quicken up the process! 

What you will need: Elastic or fabric headband, bobby pins, hair dryer is optional. 

Step 1: Place the headband on top of your head making sure the hair is tucked under the lower end of the band. 

Step 2: Dampen the hair from its mid-length all the way until the bottom. 

Step 3: Take out thin sections from the bottom and start twisting them around the bottom of the headband. Secure each section with a pin. Remember, the thinner the section, the tighter the curl. You can blow dry the curled sections too!  

Step 4: Wrap the scarf and leave it overnight. Enjoy bouncy curls the next morning. 


3. Braided curls

3. Braided curls

Image credit: @nastasia_titovaa 

Have you ever slept with braided hair only to get wavy hair the next morning when you open them? This is probably the most common and easiest way to get beautiful curls overnight. 

What you will need: Lots of elastic bands, hair serum 

Step 1: Wash your hair at night and apply the hair serum on damp hair. Scrunch the hair instead of combing it out. 

Step 2: Next, take out 4 sections of your hair, two at the front and two at the back. Taking out at least three to four sub-sections from each, make tight braids and secure them using elastic bands. 

Step 3: Leave the braids overnight and get rid of the elastics the morning after for enviable, soft curls. 


4. Chopstick curls

4. Chopstick curls

Image credit: @gammaplusna 

Unlike all the hacks listed above, this hack is the easiest and gives the quickest results. 

What you will need: A chopstick or a pencil, a straightener, hair serum 

Step 1: Divide your hair into four sections, take a thin strand from each section and wrap it around the chopstick or pencil. The distance between the twirls determines how tight or loose your curls will be. 

Step 2: Once wrapped, press your heated straightener against the chopstick and hold for about 15 - 20 seconds. 

Step 3: Pull out the chopstick and repeat the same for every section. Apply the serum to get neat and frizz-free curls. 

You can also try different hairstyles once you’ve achieved the kind of curls you want!  

FAQs about easy hacks to curl hair 

Q. How do I wake up with curly hair? 

The longer your hair stays curled up, the longer the curls last when you let down your hair. Tying your hair into multiple buns or braids and sleeping with them is one way to wake up with curled hair. 

Q. How do you curl wet hair fast? 

Rollers work best when used on wet hair. Divide your hair into multiple thin sections and roll them into the roller and pin them up for an hour or more. You can also roll sections of your hair around thin strips of cloth and tie the cloth to get the same curls. 

Q. How can I get spiral curls without heat or rollers? 

One way to get spiral curls is to take a thin section of hair and roll it around a strip of cloth and tie the cloth. Otherwise, you can twist a section of hair, roll it up and pin them up. Remember, the longer you keep your hair pinned up with any of these methods, the longer your curls will stay. 

Well, there you have it. Here’s how to make curly hair at home without using a curling iron or any other heat-styling tool. So, if you are bored with your straight hair or want to try something new, we’ve got you.