Yes, we see a new hair colour trend almost every week; and we while love all of them, there are some we’re partial to more than others. And so, mulled wine hair, unicorn hair, platinum hair, and oceanic brunette hair can now step aside. There’s a new hair trend that’s all over Instagram that we can’t get enough of— it’s Fruit Juice hair. While it is common for hair trends to be inspired by food— blackberry hair, and peanut butter and jelly hair are proof of this— it now seems that inspiration is being taken from drinks, as well, because fruit juice hair is all the rage. This peach, grape, and strawberry-hued creation is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for summer. First spotted by Marie Claire on Instagram, this brainchild of hairstylist Alisha McAlister is worth obsessing over. What we love about this new hair trend is that it’s extremely wearable, as it isn’t as daring as other hair colour trends.

Fruit Juice Hair Trend

Alisha McAlister posted a photo of this hair colour that is a mixture of softer peach tones blended with berry hues, layered over with a brighter red base. She wrote, “It’s a mix of blended fruit colours and a great way to introduce vibrant and pastel colours and the client not get fired for it!”

Fruit Juice Hair Colour

What’s great about this hair trend is that the colours can be as assorted as fruit juices. One Instagram post shows bright yellow and pink hair that’s been braided. The colours sort of resemble mango juice and fruit punch. Another Instagram post shows darker, red and brown coloured hair, much like apple juice and grape juice.

Fruit Juice Hair Look

This new hair trend basically includes a lot of highlights in different colours, which give you a lot of room to get creative with it. You don’t have to limit yourself to the colour of grape juice, apple juice, or cranberry juice— you could come up with your own creation, as well. Furthermore, as this trend allows for quite a bit of variety, you can pick a combination of colours that suits your skin tone.

Well, summer has just begun, and so, it isn’t too late to head to the salon and try out this new hair trend. After all, who wouldn’t want their hair coloured in beautiful fruity shades this season?

Image credits: Instagram