What do you get when you combine three of 2018's top trends; rainbow colours, pastel hues and the crystal craze? Confused?

Well, we got you. Enter, gem roots. Gem roots is the newest hair trend of 2018, the next big spring hair obsession and, yes, it's all about crystals! With its origin in America, this fairytale-worthy look has travelled internationally since, and right now, it's making us swoon all over our Insta feeds.

So, if you are yet to hear of this oh-so-pretty trending look, here’s a lowdown on everything you need to know about it.

Gem Root Hair Trend

This hair trend takes the colours found in geodes to create a vibrant look that fades down similar to balayage. But, instead of using the full spectrum of rainbow colours, only soft, pastel colours like mint green, baby pink, and lavender are used.

Typically, these colours are applied all over or just at the roots. Focusing them on the roots is a safe way to try out this muted pastel trend, without having to colour the whole head. The darkest shade of the trio (lavender) is painted on the roots to create depth, as seen in geodes and other mineral rocks, which then fades into mint and pink before ending at the original hair colour. Different amounts of each shade are painted on every section of the hair to ensure that each one of the hues is clearly visible, no matter how the hair is parted.

Gem Root Trend

The best part is that when the hues fade you're left with a suitably softer look and eventually, just your original hair.

It's safe to say that gem roots is not just a hair trend for Pinterest or Instagram! This crystal craze has officially, and literally, gone to the heads, and the results have been pretty chic and spectacular. After all, what better way to posh up those boring lengths than to add a splash of colour, without going all out.

So, if you're looking for a change this summer, why not consider gem roots the next time you're getting a touch-up? We say, take your cues from this brand new rage.