How To Care For Coarse Hair

Written by Chandni GhoshFeb 22, 2018
If you have coarse hair, you already know your troubles. It is characterised by a thick hair shaft. If your strand feels thick between your fingertips, you surely have coarse hair. This kind of hair is usually rough and dry. Exactly why you need to give this hair type some extra TLC through every season. Wondering what are the hair care methods to caring for coarse hair? Find out below…

Use the right products

Get a detangling brush

When it comes to treating coarse hair, look for products that are targeted towards this hair type: preferably a range that is meant to treat rough hair by moisturising the outer layer of your hair shaft. For this, we suggest using the Dove Dryness Care Shampoo and Conditioner. The Pro-Moisture Complex nourishes strands from the cellular level and protects them from daily wear and tear.


Trim regularly

Get a detangling brush

Make sure you get a haircut every 3 months so as to remove the excess bulk from your tresses. While you do that, make sure your hair stylist finishes off with a hair serum that smoothens your hair.


Try co-washing

Get a detangling brush

Co-washing is a common hair washing technique amongst women with thick, rough hair. This is when you wash your hair with a conditioner only. This is because in case of caring for thick, coarse hair, you need to deeply moisturise your tresses—something that can happen with the help of an effective conditioner.


Oil your hair regularly

Get a detangling brush

When you massage oil into the scalp, it goes deep inside and enters the hair cuticle thereby nourishing your tresses from root to tip. So make sure you use an effective hair oil that will make your coarse hair smooth along with preventing it from turning frizzy. We suggest relying on the Indulekha Bringha Oil that’s known for its medicinal properties. Not only does it hydrate your tresses but it also reduces hair fall to a great extent.


Get a detangling brush

Get a detangling brush

Remember that coarse hair is also always prone to breakage because it perpetually feels rough and lifeless. This is why you need to ensure that you don’t use a comb and instead rely on a tangle tweezer that prevents your fragile hair from being pulled out—just what you need when you have coarse hair.

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