Summers can be rather unforgiving on our skin. The soaring temperatures can easily make your skin angsty and cause redness and acne. This is when you need to find ways to cool your skin so it remains hydrated and is able to fight the weather change without causing any irritation in your skin. What do you do? Follow the guidelines below to embrace the right summer skin care routine …
Rely on a cucumber face pack

Rely on a cucumber face pack

Cucumber is known to be a cooing agent for the skin. So if your skin has been feeling particularly irritable and sensitive, thanks to the sweltering heat, it would be a wise idea to include a cucumber pack in your summer skin care routine. Chill cucumber in the fridge and then crush it to remove the juice. Use a cotton pad to soak in the juice and then apply this mix to your face. Let it dry before washing off. Not only will this help shrink pores but it will also keep your skin hydrated all through the summers.

Go for a DIY face mist

Go for a DIY face mist

Green tea is extremely beneficial when fighting summer skin woes. We suggest making your own green tea face mist to keep the heat at bay. Just boil 2 green tea bags in 1 cup water. Allow it to cool down and then add 5 drops of tea tree oil. Refrigerate this mix and then spray it on your face just as you come back from a long day. Green tea is enriched with anti-oxidants and helps calm the skin down. Moreover, summers are when there are bigger chances of your skin being susceptible to acne. This is when tea tree oil helps as it is anti-bacterial in nature.

summer skin care routine

Get a brand new summer skin care routine

When it comes to dealing with the heat, a gel –based moisturiser is ideal for you. Not only is it hydrating but it also keeps irritation at bay. To include it in your skin care routine, make sure you get your hands on the Lakmé Absolute Skin Gloss Gel Crème that’s enriched with mineral-laden glacial water—something that will help keep your skin cool. It’s absolutely lightweight so you don’t have to feel like you’re carrying the weight of a heavy moisturiser!

Say yes to ice massages

Say yes to ice massages

Your skin can easily turn red, thanks to the detrimental effects of the strong UV rays. This is why we advise you to rub ice on your skin just as you return home. Not only does ice reduce inflammation but it also improves blood circulation to a great extent. Making this a part of your summer skin care routine will help your skin immensely.

Swear by sunscreen

Swear by sunscreen

Your skin is bound to be angsty and red if you don’t apply sunscreen, especially in the summer season. Remember that not only will sunscreen help your skin stay cool but it will put up a strong fight against UV rays. So make sure you choose a sunscreen that’s not greasy on your skin. Our pick is the Lakmé Sun Expert UV Lotion SPF 50 PA+++. This shields your skin against 97% UVB rays that can cause sunburns while the PA+++ saves your skin from UVA rays.

written by on Mar 07, 2018


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