Did you know that hair follicles are actually just specialised skin cells? And just like your skin, hair follicles too get damaged when they’re overexposed to the sun. When this happens, the protective barrier of natural oils you have on your scalp will be negatively affected, and this will cause the blood vessels present in your scalp to dilate.
This in turn could cause the synthesis of superoxide, a compound that could make the follicles of your hair turn off growth, which leads to hair loss. That’s why, in order to prevent this from happening, it’s absolutely necessary to protect your hair from the sun. Here are some tips to sun-proof your hair:

1. Wear a hat

This is one of the easiest ways to protect your hair from the sun, and is probably one of the best excuses for investing in an assortment of cute hats. By wearing a hat when you’re outdoors, you’ll manage to protect not only your hair, but also your skin. In addition to this, a hat will keep you cooler.


2. Use a hair mask

2. Use a hair mask

As the rays of the sun are way harsher in the summer months, you’ll probably have to go the extra mile to make sure your hair is protected. Once a week, use a hair mask to keep your hair hydrated and moisturised. As the heat causes the cuticles of your hair to open up, the best time to use the hair mask is as soon as you’re back home, so that the hair treatment can be absorbed by your scalp.

3. Use the right cleanser

When you're dealing with extreme heat, your hair needs as much care as your body. We suggest going with the Dove Environmental Defense range that detoxifies your scalp, which is just what you need in the summers. Besides that, it induces the right nutrients in your hair—a complete necessity when you're fighting UV rays.


4. Always use conditioner

4. Always use conditioner

When you do wash your hair with shampoo, it’s extremely important to use a conditioner after. As the sun dries out your hair, you need to do something to help restore some moisture and a conditioner can help you do this.

5. Avoid heat

The sun’s heat is already damaging your hair. And so, it’s best to avoid any sort of additional heat. You could try washing your hair earlier, and letting it air-dry before you head out, so that you won’t need to use a blow dryer.

6. Use a leave-in conditioner with sunscreen

Just like your skin, your hair needs sunscreen as well. If you find yourself out under the sun very often, you should invest in a leave-in conditioner or other hair products that consist of a good amount of SPF.