How To Use A Round Brush For Bouncy Hair

Written by NEETI MANSINGHKAOct 04, 2018
How to use a round brush for bouncy hair

Have you ever wondered how some people always seem to have the perfect salon style bouncy blow-out without even leaving the house?

For most of us, the struggle to master the perfect bounce at home is real, and it, in fact, involves tangled strands, sore arms, and more often than not, a fair amount of cursing. The amazing thing is that all of this revolves around one magical tool - the round brush – one that is worthless unless you know how to use it right. So, for all those who have been in the dark, prepare to have your hair game changed because we've finally figured how to use this styling tool just like the pros!


  1. Start with the right brush (size)

    Round brushes come in varied sizes. Opt for a smaller barrel to create a bounce with tighter curls, and pick a larger one for that ultimate, straight yet volumizing look.
  2. Don’t start it until your hair is almost dry

    It is best to style your hair when it’s damp.
    Remember that a good bounce always involves an air-dry. So, don't go in all guns blazing straight after you've washed your hair. Wait for a while and let it dry naturally.
  3. Detangle first

    Be sure to comb through your hair gently to remove all knots and tangles, as round brushes are notorious for getting stuck in the hair.
  4. Don't forget to section

    While it may be tempting to pick up as much hair as possible on the brush, working in small sections will help you get better volume and bounce.


  1. Nail that bounce

    Needless to say, a blow dryer will be your mandatory sidekick here.

    Gather a 1/2 to 1-inch wide strip of hair from the top of your head and place the round brush underneath it so it touches your scalp. Now, hold the dryer 6 inches away from your head and aim the air flow at the area of the brush. Roll the brush towards your scalp as you continue to dry it with the hairdryer. And finally, switch the hair dryer to the cool blast setting and aim it at the brush for another 10 seconds to set the style.

    P.S.: For a straighter look, pull the brush through, creating tension on the hair, and for wavy one, wrap the hair around the barrel and aim the heat at the hair until dry.
  2. Give your roots an extra lift at the crown

    Create height to stop your hair from falling flat at the crown. Do this by keeping the brush as close to the roots as possible and follow it with the hairdryer, pulling the hair upwards.
  3. And finally, switch angles

    It's obvious that you can’t just blast your hair in one spot and expect perfection. That continuous movement matters. So, keep changing the angle of the brush as you style.

    And so, contrary to what you may think, it really is possible to create your own salon standard bounce at home!


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