If you’re over the top knot, we feel you. Guess it’s time for you to try the reverse and opt for the super low bun hairstyle instead. From adding hair clips to them or flaunting them with flyaways, low buns ought to be your next go-to hairstyle for an evening out. Below are some low bun looks that will surely inspire you…
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Before you begin

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side messy bun hairstyle

The side messy bun

If you never get hairstyles perfectly, this one’s for you—the side messy bun is best for an evening out. Accessorise with hair pins and you’re done!

messy waves bun hairstyle

The messy waves bun

Add messy waves on either side of your hair and leave them loose while tying the rest of your hair into a super low bun. Trust us—it’s the best way to make your bun hairstyle look less basic.

Low chignon hairstyle

Low chignon

There’s nothing quite classy as a low chignon. A favourite amongst red carpet stars—the low chignon is one of the best hairdos for a formal do. Wear it with a flowy dress and you’re set to rock the look.

Braided low bun hairstyle

Braided low bun

We love braids, we love buns and when they come together, it’s a party in your hair! Create a regular bun and coil it around near the nape of your neck to create a braided bun. So chic!

Ribbon bun hairstyle

Ribbon bun

Ribbons have been a runway favourite on the hair scene at several international fashion weeks. We see why—they’re the most stunning accessories and when added to a low bun, they can look absolutely breathtaking!

Low twisted bun hairstyle

Low twisted bun

Have 3 minutes to do your hair? Go for the low twisted bun! You can even keep it sleek in the front by adding some hair mousse in your hair and then opting for the low twisted bun.

Coiled bun hairstyle

Coiled bun

The coiled bun is not just time saving but it’s also the easiest way to elevate your appearance. Our suggestion would be to add an embellished hairband to this look to give it some bling.

written by on Feb 12, 2018


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