Bb Trend Alert—Mac And Cheese Hair Colour

Written by NEETI MANSINGHKAOct 24, 2018
BB Trend Alert—Mac and cheese hair colour

It's time for some Mac and cheese! Well, kind of.

Confused? Don't worry, we got you covered.

This classic comfort food has very recently made its way from dinner tables to major hair inspiration and, to be honest, left us a wee bit hungry.

The Mac and cheese hair colour trend is a mix of light and deep yellows and has been making the rounds on our Instafeeds this summer. Inspired by America’s favourite meal, this marigold hue manifests itself to create a bright, yet, subtle look that suits a wide range of skin tones. Reminiscent of a summer day at the beach, the colour falls right in line with the season's floral trends and prints, and is sure to catch the eye. Popping up on the heads of many women already, with (our favourites) Gigi Hadid and Madonna leading the pack, there is no doubt that this delectable shade will end up being a major trend in the world of hair colour.


And the best part?

And the best part?

This colour trend offers a ton of flexibility and versatility. You can go richer, lighter or muted—all of which can be accommodated on different types of hair and hence, there’s a version for everyone. So, explore different tones and see what works best for your hair length and texture. You can choose between all-over solids, two-toned brights or complementary and contrasting tints of yellow.

But of course, we can't just leave the trend to colour. If you are going to sport the look, it’s much better to play around and have fun with it by accentuating your haircut and hairstyle. You can either take to curly locks with a subtle base and dark roots or opt for a sharp bob (that hugs the jawline) with or without bangs, in a solid colour. As they say, the more dramatic, the better.

And so, if you're looking to amp up your hair this season, show your dedication to this snack food and give those burst of yellows a shot. We say it's sure to captivate, impress and rule over all others. Also, the name is borderline genius!

We're getting hungry already! Are you?


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