We love everything about weddings—the food, the dancing, the mehendi and getting all dolled up. If there is one thing we don’t like that much, it’s scheduling a hair appointment to ensure our hair looks just as fab as our outfit! But fret not, with this easy how-to, that won’t be necessary any more. We’ve decoded everyone’s favourite go-to wedding hairstyle—the bun—that you can do in under three minutes! Here’s a full download...

Sunsilk Luscious Thick and Long

Before you begin, you’ve got to ensure your hair is strong enough for the job. For this, we recommend you wash and condition your hair with the Sunsilk Lusciously Thick and Long Range. Enriched with Keratin Yoghurt Nutria-Complex that gives your hair all the strength it needs to be held in an updo all evening!

You will need: The Sunsilk Insta Bun or something that doubles up as a double, flat strip

  • Step 1: Hold your hair in a ponytail and pass through it the Sunsilk Insta bun
  • Step 2: Spread your hair evenly and slide it downwards
  • Step 3: Then roll it inwards and upwards till you reach the nape of your neck
  • Step 4: Then join the two ends as you would if you were wearing a dough nut. Secure with U-pins if you must.

Ta-da! Your go-to hairdo for the wedding season is done in just three minutes!