There’s nothing like a comforting drink on a cold evening, is there? Mulled wine, a delicious festive drink, is more than perfect for winter weather, if you’re looking to make those bitterly cold days better. And taking off from this popular beverage of the season, mulled wine, or rather, the colour of it has become a popular hair colour trend internationally.

Mulled Wine Hair Colour Trend

We’ve seen a number appetite-inducing hair colour shades out there. Right from Vanilla Milkshake hair, to Cider and Spice hair, we’ve seen almost all of it. Mulled wine hair colour, is characterized by a burgundy hue with hints of orange or chocolate brown. These plummy, jammy hues may seem extremely close to the red-purple hair that was quite a craze in the 90s, orange and cinnamon tones this hair colour comes with, makes it quite multidimensional, which is what allows it to fit in today.

What we love about this hair colour is that it looks extremely youthful, and is just as eye-catching as it is subtle. The fact that this hair colour can be donned by almost anyone because of its sheer variety of tone combinations is what makes us love this trend even more. For example, those with a lighter skin tone could choose a bright berry shade, those with darker skin tones may choose to go with a shade that resembles a merlot.

Mulled Wine Hair Colour

In addition to working on every kind of skin tone, mulled wine hair colour works on almost any haircut and style as well. No matter if you’ve got a bob or pixie cut, or have curly hair, or super straight hair, you could have hair that’s the colour of mulled wine, and still look absolutely gorgeous.

This hair trend is able to truly come to life when the hair is voluminous, and is sort of messy—we’re talking about loose waves here. The look below is a perfect example of justice done to this new wine-inspired hair colour.

You could also try colouring your hair a little less burgundy, and instead, go a little crazy and colour it a variety of berry-inspired shades. Aren’t completely convinced? Take a look at the image below, and you’ll be booking your next salon appointment for tomorrow.