Tips To Wear Bangs For Curly Hair

Written by NEETI MANSINGHKASep 19, 2018

Bangs are a commitment no matter what your hair texture is. In fact, most women swear off it fearing the upkeep. But you've got some serious bang-envy at the moment, and to top it all, curly hair too (which we all agree is no walk in the park). So, naturally, the thought of adding bangs to this already complicated situation is absolutely dreadful. What's a girl to do now? Don't worry, because here are 5 simple tips to help you take that curly fringe to the next level of cuteness! (whether it's tidy or artfully messy)

Before you begin

Before you start with styling your bangs, make sure you curly locks feel smooth and shiny. How does one do that? Cleanse your tresses with the TRESemmé Smooth & Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. This product contains vitamin H and silk protein—the kind of range designed to keep your hair smooth!

For tips on how to wear bangs for curly hair, scroll down…


Long and angled bangs are your best bet

Heat them into shape

Girls with curls are prone to natural hair shrinkage because of the spiral formation of their hair strands, which causes the hair to appear much shorter than it is. Hence, it's always advisable to leave your bangs at a longer length. Ask your stylist to start with brow length bangs in the middle and gradually progress to longer ones towards the temples. Also, have your bangs cut on an angle helps accentuate the features and frame the face better.

Embrace your naturally curly fringe

Contrary to popular opinion, curly bangs are in fact effortlessly cool and more versatile than you think. They work for any curl type and look as cute with a short pixie cut as with long curly hair. So, if you're into eccentric, playful and vintage looks, don't be afraid to stray from the conventional straight style. Wavy, kinky, curly or bouncy, trust us, it's all beautiful.


Don't shy away from going messy

Heat them into shape

As a woman in possession of a mop of curls, does the thought of growing out curly bangs sound like a total nightmare to you? Don't worry, because your bad hair days can totally be disguised with a quick messy ponytail or bun that, tbh, looks amazing on naturally curly hair. And there's denying that no one can do an exquisitely distressed hairstyle better than a curly haired girl!

Stock up for emergency situations

We all know how sensitive curly hair is to the weather, and at some point, we will want to reach for a bobby pin to twist back those unruly bangs. Hence, carrying bobby pins is a must! Also, if you're looking to flatten your bangs, slipping an Alice band around your head for about half an hour (a cool '60s throwback) will surely help subside the skyward hair.


Heat them into shape

Heat them into shape

You never know when you will wake up with your fringe stuck up in the air. Trust us, it happens! And not everyone has the patience or time for the good old round brush and hair dryer ritual. Hence, investing in a small flat iron will go a long way, whether you're looking to wear your bangs straight or flick them (best of both worlds!)

And there you have it!

The combination of curls and bangs is not as scary as it seems after all! Follow these simple tips and you'll never have to worry about looking like a poodle.

So, all you women with curls, happy snipping.


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