Types Of Messy Braids You Can Wear This Season

Written by Vaishnavi ThakurApr 17, 2019
Types of messy braids you can wear this season

We’ve always loved the standard 3 strands messy braid that literally anyone can do in minutes and it looks gorgeous as ever! But there’s more to messy braids than just the basic one. If you’re someone who loves braided hairstyles, here are different types of messy braids that you can try to channelize your inner Daenerys.



Side-swept floral messy braid

Before you get braiding, give your hair a boost of nourishment and luster using the Sunsilk Stunning Black Shine Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s enriched with Aamla Pearl Complex that leaves your locks lustrous and healthy.


Messy fishtail braid

Side-swept floral messy braid

The side-swept fishtail braid looks gorgeous, we totally agree! But, how about taking it for a spin by opting for a high ponytail messy fishtail braid?


Messy ponytail braid

Side-swept floral messy braid

If you’re a fan of both ponytails and braids, this is a hairstyle you should opt for. All you gotta do is wear your hair into a ponytail and braid one section of the ponytail into a messy braid. Don’t forget to tease the rest of the hair for a messy look!


Messy milkmaid braid

Side-swept floral messy braid

Who said messy braids can look gorgeous only when you wear them well done? Try the tousled milkmaid braids à la Jennifer Lawrence—a hairstyle that’ll be perfect especially if your tresses are heavily layered or textured.


Half-up messy crown braids

Side-swept floral messy braid

All you girls with short hair—try the teased half-up braided hairdo to top off your gorgeous beachy waves! If you have straight hair, add texture to the hair using a texturizing hair spray.


Side-swept floral messy braid

Side-swept floral messy braid

This could either be a rope braid, a fishtail braid or basic 3 strand braid. Tightly plait it from one side and tease it using a fine-tooth comb. You can doll up the braid further by accessorizing it with flower clips!

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