Luscious locks are every girl’s dream and to make it come true for you, we’ve curated a list of 9 unfailing mane tips and tricks.

It’s no secret that a full mane can amp one's look. However, the process of having a hair full for healthy stands is genetic or requires loads of TLC - we’re talking, the right food and perfect sleep. If you too have always wanted thick hair but never succeeded, we’re about to share with you the insider insight; the key into the world of unmatched locks! So, get your notepads ready as the chamber of home remedies is here.  

how to make hair thicker  

#1 Nutrition is everything  

Who does love the greasy chips and chocolatey desserts but tame your mane and give it the right love, managing your nutrition is necessary! Majority of our hair is built from keratin; an essential protein. And to enjoy the benefits of healthy and voluminous hair, it's best to consume a balanced diet. So, make space on the table of protein-loaded foods for they offer the desired macros of protein to our body. If you’re vegetarian and can’t get cracking an egg, go in for products and legumes! After all, if you eat right, it shows. 

how to make hair thicker  

#2 Head Massage Agenda 

Keep the stress at bay and get one head massage a day! Known to release tenseness from the body and free up the knotted muscles, a head massage makes for a great relaxation routine. And while it helps improve blood circulation to your scalp, it goes the extra mile for your hair too. The stimulation of massage helps in hair growth and thickening. So, what are you waiting for? Sit down, lay back and drench your scalp with the classic goodness Indulekha’s Bhringa Oil…and watch the results unveil.  

how to make hair thicker  

#3 Rest it out 

Yes, sleep impacts performance and productivity. But this claim is not restricted to your office hustle and in-house energy, but extends itself to the health of your mind and body. People who are combating a thinning hairline are the ones who struggle to get proper sleep or are loaded with kilos of stress! And their poor lifestyle manifests into weak and thinning strands. So, be mindful, excuse yourself from excessive work and seize the snooze. Also, add to your good routine with habits that help - untangle your hair before you go to bed and braid it (the best way to prevent clutter in the morning.) Follow these basic steps and over time, your hair will start displaying the volume you deserve!  

how to make hair thicker  

#4 Mask up 

You can always trust age-old remedies for thicker hair. And you don’t have to travel far and wide to source them, just go to your kitchen! The magic lies in those food ingredients for they can do a fantastic job at improving the texture and increasing the volume of your hair. Castor oil, onion juice, aloe vera gel and coconut oil are packed with hair-loving vitamins and minerals and are thus believed to take your hair from thin to thick. 

You can use these organic hair heroes to get the mane of your dreams. Simply combine one natural hair oil like castor oil or olive oil with aloe vera gel and onion juice to make yourself a hair mask. Treat your hair with this hair hask and leave it on for about half an hour before washing it off. Using it weekly will give the hair of your dreams.  

#5 Go clean 

We’ve all heard the hygiene talks and mantras over and over again, but it also applies to your hair! So, make it a point to indulge in a regular head massage (once a week would be ideal) and follow it up with a good wash and conditioning session! Giving your hair that pampering hour does away with the deposition of dust particles and reduces the chances of thinning! Also, haircare doesn’t stop at the wash but also seeps into how you dry your locks using a microfiber towel.  

how to make hair thicker  

#6 Aloe it out 

Loved for the years, this calming gel does the healing magic like no other! And many people who have used it on their locks claim it does better than oil - we’re not surprised. However, the trick is to not overuse it. When used in right amounts, its cooling properties, sooth your scalp and rejuvenate your hair at the same time! Applying the aloe vera gel on your scalp once in a week is just enough. But, while you treat your hair to its nutrients, don’t miss out on cleaning your scalp with the right shampoo. 

how to make hair thicker  

#7 Using the right shampoo and conditioner 

To get thicker hair, a mild shampoo like Dove's Intense Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner does the thickness trick. It is cruelty free, soothing for your locks and can be on a variety of hair types. Its gentle cleaning ingredients help your hair remain clean yet strong after every wash. Consistent application of shampoos that are gentle on your hair strengthens your hair and encourages thickening. Good conditioner also assures that your hair doesn’t lose the necessary moisture required for them to remain smooth and easily manageable. So, make it a pact to follow hair cleansing with mild conditioning.  

how to make hair thicker  

#8 The supplement section  

Thicker hair is the result of multiple care regimens that also include maintaining vital nutrients for hair thickness too. Sometimes adding on supplements rich in vitamin E, C and K adds up to your micro nutrient requirements helping in healthier and thicker hair. However, taking supplements is advisable only after consultation with your dermatologist. 

how to make hair thicker 

#9 Asanas angle 

Get in tune with yourself and with better hair days, just by practising yoga. For thinning hair and fine hair texture, certain yoga exercises can do wonders! How, you ask? Yoga helps by increasing blood circulation in your body and repairs cells. Yoga poses like adho mukha savasana, sirsasana, vajrasana and uttanasana have proven to be some of the most effective natural ways to get thicker and stronger hair. You can practise head stands or sirsasana, which requires you to stand upside down on your head and exhale and inhale. This moves blood to your head, regenerating cells and strengthening hair follicles. Another yoga asana you can try is forward bending camel pose or uttanasana which is bending and keeping your palms on the sides of your feet. This too makes the blood and oxygen flow towards your head, strengthening dormant hair follicles and leading to compliment-worthy locks.  


Q. How do I stop my hair from thinning? 

A. The right hair care routine, use of strengthening and volume-boosting shampoos, hair oils and a proper diet can help curb thinning hair and make it grow faster and thicker.   

Q. What vitamins can make my hair thicker? 

A. A vitamin B derivative called biotin is the best vitamin for healthy hair. It can be found in soybeans, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, eggs and nuts. Other than this, vitamins A, C, D and E are also beneficial for hair growth.  

Q. Does coconut oil thicken hair? 

A. Yes, coconut hair oil is the hero that promotes hair growth and makes your hair longer and stronger. Massaging your hair with warm coconut oil once a week can thicken hair and also stop hair loss. 

Q. What can you eat to make your hair thicker? 

A. Include food items that are rich in fibre, protein, omega-3 fatty acids, zinc, iron and vitamins B, A and D in your meals. Flax seeds, chia seeds, fish, eggs, peanuts, spinach and pumpkin are some food items you can rely on for healthy, thick hair.  

All in all, thicker hair isn’t an instant result, it requires the correct concern, products and of course, patience!