Split Ends: How To Get Rid Of Them

Written by Lopa KSep 05, 2022
Split Ends: How to Get Rid of Them
Are you tired of your hair looking like a black curtain with white and frayed ends due to a severe case of split ends? Or are these unwanted white tips making a return just weeks after getting a trim? Well, let’s take a look at what exactly causes split ends and how you can stop them from marring your otherwise luscious locks.

What causes split ends

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Even if your hair looks soft and healthy, you might be plagued with rough and scraggy ends. Well, what are split ends and what causes them? The ends of your hair can literally tear into two or…split. If it's extremely damaged, the tips might also turn white. The ends are the oldest part of the hair and so if not taken care of, it can turn frail.

Split ends are more commonly formed when your hair is dry and brittle.

They can also be caused by harsh weather conditions, exposure to UV rays and pollution.

Another cause is harsh hairstyling habits like the constant use of heating tools and chemical products without protection.

If your hair is thin and fragile, over-brushing especially when wet can also cause split ends.

How to get rid of split ends

Having split ends is one particular hair condition that we cannot actually get rid of. No, wait hear us out. The first step to treating split ends is to cut them off and start afresh. Otherwise, it will be like trying to thread a needle with a frayed string which will just cause frustration and no actual progress.


Gently comb your hair

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Sometimes it is rough combing that can break your hair. Especially, when you are trying to get through that one stubborn knot. Be gentle with your hair and don’t over comb it. If your hair is extremely knotted, first detangle as much as you can with your fingers before running a comb through your hair.


Use the right comb at the right time

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Sometimes it is the easiest and most logical method when it comes to how to get rid of split ends. Along with being gentle with your hair, you should also use the right type of comb. Your hair type also matters. While hair is at its most fragile state when wet, it does not apply to curly hair since combing dry curly hair is just a recipe for disaster. If you have curly hair, use a paddle brush when your hair is wet or moisturised. If you have straight or dry hair, comb your hair when it's dry with a wide-toothed comb.


Don’t wash hair daily

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Washing your hair daily can strip them of the natural oils that are needed to keep them strong. It turns your hair dry and brittle which will make it more prone to split ends. While wet, the hair is at its most fragile state and can cause more damage. This also means that you should not over shampoo and only take a coin size amount of shampoo.


Use a conditioner

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Do not forget to use conditioner after shampooing it as it can make your hair overly dry. Some experts actually recommend skipping the shampoo at the end of the week and simply using a conditioner like the Love Beauty & Planet Onion Hairfall Control Conditioner or a leave-in conditioner. Basically, make sure your hair gets as much nourishment and hydration as it can get so that it is not brittle enough to break and cause split ends.


Use heat protection serum

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Constantly using heat styling tools like a straightener or curler can dehydrate your hair and cause more wear and tear. Even before simply using a hairdryer, apply a heat protectant serum like the Tresemme Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray so that the heat from these tools does not damage your hair.



FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Okay, say that the damage is done. To get back your healthy locks devoid of split ends, you need to hydrate and moisturise your hair with serums or a hair mask. You can also use natural oils like almond or argan oil to provide the nourishment your hair needs to smoothen the texture and strengthen your locks.


Regularly trim your hair

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Say you are fine with having a couple of split ends and do not want a trim in the interest of growing your hair lengths. It is still a no-no. Trimming hair is not just a cosmetic venture. If you don’t trim split ends, they will just get higher and continue to damage a larger part of the hair strand. While you can trim your ends every six months, reduce the time between each cut if you have thin hair to prevent split ends.


How to hide split ends

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Don’t have time to go to the parlour and trim your split ends? Well, there are some quick solutions that will help you hide them till you can get to treating your hair.

Coconut oil

While coconut oil does help prevent split ends, they also help mask them in a last-minute situation. They temporarily tame the frayed ends to give the illusion of smooth tresses. Leave-in conditioners applied from the roots to the tips also do the trick.


Ever wondered how your friend suddenly got rid of her split ends for that girls’ night? Well, we are here to finally spill this infamous secret. Taking a dab of Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and smoothening the ends of your hair makes it look like your cuticles are completely sealed. However, don’t forget to shampoo off the Vaseline from your hair after your night out.

Style your hair in a bun

If your hair is long enough to tie, style it into a bun to hide the split ends. If you want to do something fun, try clever updos like a crown braid or a milkmaid braid. If your ends still show in a bun, you can hide them with colourful accessories and clips.


FAQs on getting rid of split ends

FAQs on getting rid of split ends

Do split ends stop the growth of hair?

Your hair grows from your root while the split ends form, well, at the end of your hair. So, no split ends don’t actually stop hair growth. But since they lead to brittle hair, the length of your hair might not get longer since the hair will be more prone to breakage.

Why are split ends bad?

While split ends aren’t part of any symptoms and are not overly harmful, they are still bad for your hair. If you leave it untreated, the split can travel up the hair strand and cause breakage.

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