Should I do it or should I not? Everything you need to know about hair spas, from their advantages to their price - here is it all 

In today’s day and age, women do it all - from meeting professional targets to ticking off every home errand, these hustlers always go the extra mile. In the process of balancing everything, work deadlines and family dinners, their mane-care rituals can be overlooked, which may lead to dull and damaged locks! To give these achievers the best TLC tips in town, we’re talking, Hair spas; therapy for your hair. This nourishment regime treats your strands to a rejuvenating massage (always much-needed) and also leaves them with a lasting shine and bounce. So, you can make it everywhere with a compliment-worthy mane. Sounds exciting? We bet it is.  

Plunge into all things you know about hair spas and why you should be booking a parlour appointment for one RN… 

Boiling down to the basics: What is a Hair Spa?  

Akin to how a day at the spa makes your skin feel - soft, supple and shiny, a hair spa treatment does exactly that for your locks. It pampers every strand, leaving your hair with a soft texture and an unmatched luster. In addition to the perpetual blowout-like look it creates, hair spas also have a plethora of other benefits and few disadvantages that you may want to consider, and we’re about to take you through them ALL! 


1. The texture talk 

what is hair spa why and how to do it long wavy dark blonde hair

Just like we smoothen the bumps and blemishes on our textured skin with trusted concealers and flawless foundations, our locks crave the same TLC touch. And it’s no secret that stepping outdoors and exposing your hair to pollution is an extremely damaging ordeal. However, now that we can’t save our beautiful braids and buns from the daily runs - one can surely invest in a relaxing hair spa! Famous to be a texture improving solution, the mild steam from the procedure aids the removal of all the dust particles and free radicals that settle on your scalp. It also betters the texture of hair by repairing broken ends and treating frizz, to only give that movie star-like natural and silky gloss!  

2. Dandruff drama  

what is hair spa why and how to do it brown hair dandruff

To treat the white flakes and itchiness in the best way possible, a hair spa treatment comes to your rescue. Bringing to your scalp just the perfect amount of moisture, hair spas are considered to be the best go-to hair hydration ritual. With a visible impact for at least eight weeks to come, the oil massage; an essential part and parcel of the process, nourishes the roots and boosts the production of natural oils as well. These oils do not only fight dandruff battles but also catalyse the retention of moisture. So, to keep this healthy hair look intact, be a regular hair spa client! After all, good haircare goes a long way.  

3. An end to split ends  

what is hair spa why and how to do it woman light brown hair brush

Noticing diverging ends when you let your locks down? Well, the split ends have arrived and a good hair spa can send them away! Primarily caused due to the lack of nourishment, a hair spa is the ideal fix for it carefully revitalizes every strand and reduces dry ends that are prone to splitting or breaking. This helps avoid any further development of split ends. So, when in doubt, just hair spa it out. To keep the hair’s spa’s magic ongoing, choose hair food that aligns with its softening and nourishing values. We vouch for the Dove Intense Repair shampoo and conditioner, a complementary kiss for your strands. 


Although a hair spa is super nourishing and does the magic for your hair’s health, it does have a few disadvantages:   

  • Coloured hair ladies, be careful! A hair spa will leave your locks with that gaze-worthy look but it may also fade your hair’s artificial hue.  

  • Once you get into the hair spa chain, you got to stay commitment! So, making your way to saloon every month to keep the glamour intact should be on your agenda.  

  • A hair spa may leave your pockets feeling a tad lighter for the best products, equipments, professionals and results come with a price. For most people, a hair spa’s price can turn out to be an expensive affair as the average cost may range from Rs. 600- Rs. 5000. Also, depending on where you choose to treat yourself and how long your locks are. 

Hair spa at home: Here’s how to do it  

what is hair spa why and how to do it woman hair wash

If you’re looking to cut costs or just enjoy the new normal’s #DIY trend - here’s how you can give yourself that parlour-like hair spa experience from the comfort of your home.  

Hair spa at home involves a number of steps; massaging the hair with steam treatment, applying a hair mask, washing with a mild shampoo and air-drying. To give you a closer look into it all - we’ve curated an unfailing  

Step 1: Shampoo 

When doing a hair spa at home all in with the shampooing. Pour a generous amount of the best sulphate-free shampoo and and rub it into your scalp - freeing it of all dead cells and skin. Let your shampoo get frothy, foamy and allow your tresses to enjoy the care - they deserve it!  

Step 2: Hair mask 

Mask-up! Based on your hair concerns and its unique requirements, apply deep conditioning or repairing hair masks. Ensure, the mask is evenly applied to both the inner and outer surfaces of your hair - the more, the better the hair spa. Once done, let it stay for a few minutes - don’t be in a hurry. This hair food will nourish your follicles as well as soften and add shine to frizzy hair. 

Step 3: Massage 

The next step of your in-house hair spa is all about the massaging magic; an integral step to ensure your hair absorbs the product. Go in and spread its goodness on circular motions for 15 minutes. This increases blood circulation and provides deep conditioning. And also ensures that the mask’s nutrients are spread all throughout.  

Step 4: Steam Treatment 

The hair spa’s steaming sage allows the pores to open up and absorb the product better. So, steam locks for about 10-15 minutes to help the nutrients in the product lock-in and even out in the scalp.  

Step 5: Wash 

Lastly, wash your hair and let it air dry. Although, you may be tempted you use a blowdryer, refrain from any artificial heat.  

And viola, you’re done! Enjoy the luxe feel of your freshly cared for lock exude. And don’t forget to flaunt it at an evening party or the day’s lunch!  


Q. How long does it take to get a hair spa done? 

A. If you are going for a hair spa, make sure you have at least an hour on hand. The oil massage will take some time along with the steaming process and the masking. Overall, it takes 1 to 1.5 hours, but it's worth it! 

Q. Does hair spa cause baldness? 

A. No, a hair spa does not cause baldness. On the contrary, by making your hair healthier, it promotes hair growth.