Much like everything else, there are a lot of beauty habits that are only reserved to our younger selves. Such as, washing our face once with a soap bar, sleeping with oiled looks and much more. And although we thought we were acing the beauty space, our adult versions know much better (we take some credit for that!) However, at times the teachings from our younger years do still come to help!  

For instance, my mother taught me the old ‘rinse-and-repeat’ method of shampooing my hair. Mini-me had super thick and coarse hair which could not be washed every day. So, the bi-weekly washes used to be all about double shampooing - an A1 hair care routine for me. But as I grew up, I heard more about how this method can overdry your hair and hence was only positioned as a marketing gimmick to make people go through their bottles of shampoos quicker. But turns out, that is not the whole truth...not even close! So, in the middle of all the conversation and debate, we’re here to your facts godmother, shedding light on why you should be double cleansing your hair and all its benefits. Scroll down and into the world of a compliment-worthy mane…it awaits you. 

Why You Should Be Double Cleansing Your Hair  

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First things first, let’s chat about why you should be double cleansing and what’s it all about? Well, double shampooing is a process where you wash your hair with a product twice in the same showering session. This haircare routine is especially good for women who have overly oily scalps, but dry ends. Plus, it should also be the go-to method of cleansing your hair if you tend to use a lot of styling and hair care products. So, instead of washing your hair daily, you can just double wash in one session - this time saviour of a hack will reduce greasiness and help you stick to washing your hair twice or thrice a week. And viola, you’re done.  

One shampoo, conditioner and serum that works wonders when giving your hair that double intense cleanse has to be the TRESemme Bond-Strength Keratin Repair Range. So, if you’re on the verge of indulging in a fulfilling haircare routine, fall back on on the combo! 

Now moving on to, what does double shampooing really do? We’re talking big benefits, baby!  

Reason #1: Removes excess product 

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Loading your strands with hairspray or just too much oil. Well, to get your locks back into their natural greatness and let it free from a fussy updo, shampooing twice undoubtedly helps. To break it down, the first shampoo will loosen the film of the product, and the second will lift it away and clean your scalp. And viola, just by going an extra mile in your haircare routine, your mane is ready to roar. 

Reason #2: Bye flakes 

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Got those white flakes prancing your scalp…formally we’re talking about dandruff or seborrhoeic dermatitis. And this problem is coupled with a time constraint AKA you are unable to shampoo daily - then stick to double cleansing on the days you do wash your hair with a targeted shampoo. One we suggest for our flaky scalp folks is the one and only - TRESemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner. Making this pair your hair BFF and include the shampoo in your double shampooing haircare routine will ensure its gradual disappearance!  


Moreso, to keep the threat of flakes away you can also take these essential precautions. Number 1 being, thoroughly clean hair after exposure to chlorine, ocean water, or hard water mineral deposits. What's the situation? Well, if you’re taking a dive in a swimming pool, it’s likely that the salted or chlorinated water is filled with minerals that tend to cling to your strands, making them feel brittle, tangled, and dry. In this case, a double shampoo should thoroughly clear away any build-up.  

Reason #3: Prepares scalp for treatments 

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What’s better than a clean canvas for a little bit of art? A squeaky clean scalp for penetration of active ingredients; hair treatments that amp up your haircare routine. To tell you more about how this works, if your scalp is very scaly, active ingredients tend to sit on top of it, rather than penetrate the skin. However, once your scalp and hair are thoroughly cleansed, it will seamlessly absorb all of those good, nutritious ingredients that follow in a mask or conditioning treatment! So, when in doubt - double shampoo it out. 

PS: Over time, adding a double shampoo session to our hair care routine or really, even doing it every day can give you fuller locks - after all, scalp care and good health always shows! To show you the right way to double shampoo we’re listed a breakdown…have a look. 

How You Should Double Cleansing Your Hair 

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Step 01: Start off your haircare routine thoroughly wetting your hair from root to tip. Depending on the length and body of your hair, take a handful of shampoo and apply it on just your scalp. 

Step 02: Massage the shampoo gently on your scalp. Use enough pressure to make sure the product is penetrating your scalp and do it for about 35 to 40 seconds.  

Step 03: Rinse! 

Step 04: For the second round, pour a lesser amount of shampoo in your palm than what you used before. Again, apply it just on your scalp, scrub for one minute and rinse completely. Make sure you’re not taking the product to the ends of your hair as the soapy water is enough to clean it. 

Step 05: Finish up with a conditioner; keep for 3-5 minutes and wash off thoroughly. 

Pro tip: As mentioned before, use gentle shampoos with fewer chemicals for double shampooing. Use a calming and frizz control formula like the Love Beauty & Planet Radical Refresher Shampoo and Conditioner with Tea Tree and Vetiver Aroma. Infused with natural tea tree oil, this clarifying (and vegan) shampoo and conditioner will energize your strands with the fresh scent of refined vetiver! Leaving your locks with a tantalizing aroma, this duo gently cleanses your scalp while smoothening your tresses and strengthening them at the same time. Personally, having done the magic for me, this combo leaves my scalp feeling fresh - whether I choose to heat style it or leave it to air dry, it ensures my mane is prepped to make me feel like the main character. 

FAQs about Why You Should Be Double Cleansing Your Hair   

Double the questions, double the answers! All here… 

Q1 Can double shampooing damage by hair? 

Yes, it can. If you choose a strong shampoo that’s overly cleansing and you use it twice in one wash, it could end up stripping your scalp of its natural oils - which may, in turn, cause your scalp to overcompensate and produce more oil! So, speak to a professional and ensure you’re only pampering your mane with a hair food that loves it as much as you do. 

Q2 Whom does double shampooing work best for? 

Like mentioned above, it’s ideal for those with greasy scalp and dry ends and also for anyone who washes their hair once every week - a perfect time manager here.