We often recognize people for the way they carry themselves –the way they walk, look or perhaps even pose. Well, our Bollywood stars are no exception. A bunch of them have carved a niche for themselves with some signature poses. So much so that some of these poses have become a major part of their identity…it’s something we instantly associate them with and it’s almost impossible to separate the two.

Here’s a list of 6 prominent Bollywood stars and their signature poses that we just can’t get over…

bollywood star shah rukh khan open arms signature poses

  • Shah Rukh Khan – Open Arms

    This one needs no introduction. When we think of the mighty King Khan, his signature pose is probably the first thing that comes to mind. Shah Rukh’s always been a crowd pleaser and makes it a point to include this pose in most of his public appearances – both on and off screen…it really makes the crowd go crazy. For decades now, he’s been showered with love by billions of fans across generations and he’s received it all with wide-open arms (pun intended)! And while there have been so many copy cats over the years, fact is…there’s only one SRK!

bollywood star priyanka chopra signature pose

  • Priyanka Chopra – Smolder and Right Hand on the Head

    Piggy Chops may have gone from being our Desi Girl to a Hollywood lifeguard but she’s stuck to her roots when it comes to a few things. She always seems to find comfort in her favourite pose – Her right hand at the side of her head paired with that sexy smolder. Be it a magazine cover shoot or a red carpet appearance, Priyanka Chopra’s sported this look everywhere all through her early years and continues to do so even today. Clearly she can’t get enough of this pose…and frankly neither can we! Besides, if you can look as sexy as PC does while doing it, there’s really no reason to stop is there?

bollywood star salman khan signature pose

  • Salman Khan – Being Shirtless

    Can you recall the last time he didn’t take off his shirt in a movie? Although, we’re not sure how much of a ‘pose’ this is, but it sure is signature Salman Khan.

    Sallu’s shown us a number of different emotions over the years…but shy was never one of them. From his early days as Prem, to his more recent endeavors as Bajrangi Bhaijaan, the one thing that’s remained consistent is that shirtless torso and the confidence he carries it with. Salman’s always loved showing off his bod and surprisingly, he seems to come up with more and more interesting, fun and dramatic ways to do it every time. In the recent past, he also gained popularity for another signature pose; ‘the Dabangg belt shake.’ Nicely done Sallu…we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

bollywood star ranveer singh signature pose

  • Ranveer Singh – Tattad Tattad

    ‘Tattad Tattad’ is one of Ranveer’s most popular dance numbers till date and has managed to make us all shake a leg at one point or another. This song has a lot of catchy moments – that shirtless torso (OMG those abs!), the hubristic attitude and the sheer burst of energy he brings to the song. However, the most iconic moment is his signature step in the song…the vigorous head rub. We can’t think of any other actor that could have done a better job pulling off this notorious and wild move. This may have been just a one-time dance move for Ranveer, but it has definitely resonated with the audiences as his signature pose...the gazillion memes are proof!

bollywood star deepika padukone signature pose

  • Deepika Padukone – Left Leg Forward Pose

    Deepika’s always loved the camera and it loves her right back. She’s got a few great poses up her sleeve but there’s one in particular that she seems to love and we’ve seen her sport it time and again. We think it’s safe to say this qualifies as her signature pose—the left leg forward stance with a slight head tilt, a subtle pout and her left hand on the waist. Well, keep at it girl…we approve!

bollywood star kareena kapoor khan signature pose

  • Kareena Kapoor Khan – Pout

    Over the years we’ve had many Bollywood ladies try to perfect the pout. While some did a better job than others, none of them could ever hold a candle to Bebo’s perfect smolder. Blessed with those beautiful high cheekbones and that perfect jawline, Kareena Kapoor Khan has won us over with her perfect pout every single time. Kareena was always a born star and we’ve had the pleasure of seeing her grow and transform through every phase of her life (from her size zero days to the voluptuous Mrs. Khan). But despite all the changes, that pout is probably the one thing that’s remained constant throughout! We can’t think of any other actress that’s had as glorious a pregnancy term as she did; and she pouted her way through most of it! Kudos to you Kareena, you deserve every bit of that royal treatment.

    Image Credits: Pinimg.com, Cin.h-cdn.co, Idiva.com, GQ, Tumblr.com, Koimoi.com, Tenor.com, Filmibeat.com, Ndtvimg.com, NRI Pulse