Looking presentable at work is a mandate. After all, how you carry your clothes and your idea of style often speaks a lot about you as a person. While at the workplace, it is imperative that you don’t commit some blunders, especially as far as your wardrobe is concerned. Want to know what these faux pas are? Take a look.

steer clear of excessive jewellery 600x400

Steer clear of excessive jewellery

We’re all for heavy jewellery that can completely transform your appearance. But if you love wearing too much jewellery, keep it for your nights out on the town. Dainty jewellery pieces can work wonders as a part of your work wardrobe. They’ll not only create a statement but also go perfectly with your work wear attire. A delicate gold or silver chain and studs in your ears can work across a number of ensembles.

say no to revealing ensembles 600x400

Say no to revealing ensembles

If you must wear them, leave the revealing outfits for parties. While there’s no doubt that you can make work wear fun too, refrain from wearing pieces that show too much skin as they may appear unprofessional and downright tacky, especially in a work environment. Instead, play with fun silhouettes, colours and subtle prints instead of deep necklines or short hemlines.

avoid ott prints 600x400

Say no to OTT prints

Soft floral prints, checks or stripes and of course solid coloured ensembles work well as a part of your office wardrobe. However, what you should be never be seen wearing at work is too many bold prints be it animal or abstract. Save your print on print obsession in loud colours for a weekend. It can look rather distracting and be unnecessarily attention grabbing.

abstain from wearing high heels 600x400

Avoid sky-high heels

There are plenty of work wear shoes – from wedges to flatforms. But make sure you keep your sky-high heels in your party wardrobe and not in your work closet. Heels often create unnecessary noise and can be rather distracting to co-workers. But more importantly, they can be uncomfortable for you and embarrassing if you can’t walk confidently in them.