You may think that you cannot be read – that your face is a blank slate and people do not know what to make of you. But did you know that the colour of your nail polish can reveal your personality? You may have a simple outfit on, but the red in your nails gives people an insight into some part of you. Read on to find what your nail colour has to say about you.
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Bright Red

It’s time to put on your diva baby, because that’s who you are. People who wear reds are bold, confident and outgoing and are not afraid of the spotlight. Like deeper shades like maroon and burgundies? It’s all of the above with a sultrier side to you.


Nudes are also for the ultra-confident girl, but this girl does not need anyone looking at her and does not need any outside validation to feel secure. She is comfortable in her own skin, feminine, but with a tomboy edge. Very similar to those who don the French manicure, but the French comes with a glamorous twist.


It used to be that wearing black meant that you were a rebel, did not adhere to other people’s rules and did things the way you liked them. It did not, however, mean that you were into sucking the blood of other people. But, nowadays, it’s not that rare to wear black as a trend. It stills stands for boldness and individuality, but within certain parameters.

Bright Colours

Just as the colour, the individual is reflected. Fun, bright, energetic and loving…. People who wear pinks, oranges, yellows, blues and greens are just the most fun people to hang out with. Creative with their minds, they look at life sunny side-up.

Whites and 50 Shades of Grey

Modern and futuristic. That’s what you are. Always looking forward, always looking ahead, whilst keeping a cool, calm and collected demeanour about you.

Glitter, Prints and Embellishments

These indicate a curious mind. A mind that wants to learn, to invent, to create and is constantly looking for the next best thing. Free-spirited, but not a wallflower, these nails love attention and being the centre of any.

So, your nails can do a lot of the talking. But make sure you are not saying the same thing over and over. Instead of being rebellious all the time with black, embrace your confidence with a French manicure, or go out and enjoy the beach with a little bit of bright pink. Life is all about colours, variety and spice. So don’t let your nails get left out in the bargain.



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