Over ice cream and coffee at the Häagen-Dazs parlour in Bandra, we sat down with the girls behind the MISU brand—Summiyaa Patni and Mitali Sagar. If the two gorgeous girls walked up to you and told you that they were fashion consultants, focused on elevating the style of the regular girl, trust us, you’d believe them. The duo strike you as fashion-conscious, compassionate, totally dedicated to the cause and above all, through the pops of colour and hints of sparkle, they shine through as real girls who have more to serve up on the platter than just trends.

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On their personal style

MI: Fashion is the fastest changing phenomenon out there and my personal style is constantly evolving as well. But at the very heart, I suppose my style is classic with a bit of an edge.

SU: My style is ever changing, incorporating trends that best suit my personality. But if I were to sum up my look in two words, I would say my style is classy and chic.

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On the accessory that every girl should own

MI: A killer pair of black heels.

SU: A big bold, statement necklace.

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On fun ways that the modern desi girl can up her game while staying on budget

MISU: Accessories can do wonders to any outfit. For a stellar Indian look; stack on some bangles, slip on some headgear, a hand harness, dangly earrings or a necklace. There are many brands now that look expensive but are still pocket friendly.

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When they dress to impress

MI: I don’t have one fixed outfit but the recurring theme is bold, sharp and elegant—so perhaps throw on a bold blazer over a chic skirt.

SU: You can impress in any outfit as long as you own it. Embrace it and rock it with confidence.

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On their quick fixes for a terrible skin day

MI: I am quite OCD about my skin—so if my skin is anyway troubled, I try to avoid makeup and apply a light tinted moisturiser and sunblock.

SU: On a terrible skin day, I have lots of water with chia seeds and will only apply a tinted moisturiser with SPF and a lip tint.

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If they could raid each other’s closets

MI: We have a community MISU closet, so what’s mine is hers and vice versa.

SU: Shockingly, we both pick the same pieces while shopping—we just dress them up differently. So I’d pretty much wear anything in her closet.

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The accessories you can find in their jewellery box

MI: Everything from statement pieces to delicate baubles. We have kits of accessories.

SU: As my style is ever changing and evolving, you would find everything from delicate layered necklaces to bold, edgy statement pieces.

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On a lazy day, the little things they do to not look so blue

MI: I wash and dry my hair—good hair days make me happy and I brighten up my face with some basic makeup (just dust on some compact, blush, mascara and a lip crayon.)

SU: A quick blow-dry at the salon and lots of mascara and blush to help me fight the blues.

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On the best way to transform an outfit

MI: Accessories!

SU: Accessories and lipstick can transform your look drastically.

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The one style element they wouldn’t try but love on each other

MI: Summiyya is exceptionally tall and looks stunning in jumpsuits. I, on the other hand look stunted. Hence, I avoid them.

SU: Mitali wears loose-on-loose so effortlessly, it’s impressive. I, on the other hand find that hard to do. I normally pair a loose top with fitted jeans or a fitted top with loose jeans.

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What’s in their go-to arsenal on a bad hair day?

MI: A sleek, high ponytail.

SU: A side-braid. It looks trendy and chic.

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MI on SU and SU on MI’s style quotient

MI: I think Summiyya’s style speaks a lot about her as a person and her evolution as a person. She can be understated and elegant, but she likes to incorporate some experimental elements. So a marriage of the shy with the strong.

SU: Mitali’s style is bold, sharp and strong with a touch of softness—and that sums her up as a person too: she’s a strong and passionate person with a soft interior.

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The city their style belongs to

MI: Undoubtedly, Paris or Florence.

SU: Paris, definitely.

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A style icon they would pick who best resembles the others’ style

MI: Olivia Palermo is definitely who I would pick for Summiyya.

SU: Nicole Richie is my pick for Mitali.

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On who makes up their celebrity wish-list in terms of styling

MISU: We are stylists for regular people: working women, wives, brides-to-be, and everyone in between, so celebrity styling isn’t as tempting, but if I have to choose, it would be amazing to style someone like Blake Lively.

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On how style, fashion and beauty have brought them closer together as friends

MI: We were already metaphorically born, practically attached at the hip, but working together because of these common lives has made us closer.

SU: The passion and love we have for our work has made our sisterhood stronger than ever.

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Trend predictions for Lakmé Fashion Week

MI: More structure and strong lines.

SU: A marriage of textured and flowy fabrics. A juxtaposition of sorts.

Styled By: Summiyya Patni and Mitali Sagar of MISU Consultants

Hair and Makeup: Varsha Gidwani