We all got the memo about tribal prints a lot time ago. They came, they conquered and some people continue to wear them. Of course, as is most predictable, tribal designs and influences also found their way to jewellery – imitation, gold and silver. Here’s taking a look at the most lust-worthy pieces of jewellery inspired by tribal accents…

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after pretty stoned 1 430x550

We spotted this wonderfully strange neckpiece from a mile away at the ‘Pretty Stoned’ store at the Lakmé Fashion Week and walked straight towards it. If our interests in sociology would permit,the design took us back to the artwork found on the totem poles in South Polynesia. Perfect geometrical symmetry, the combination of the cool dark and light blues against the gold and the orange polished off with a phantom quartz crystal at the base, we’re sure that in today’s day and age, this piece can cause some serious jewellery-envy.
Available at: Pretty Stoned

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after faballey cleopatra gold necklace 430x550

Straight from ancient Egypt, this golden neckpiece draws inspiration from Cleopatra’s obsession for jewellery and all things gold. A nice change from the common baubles in pink, teal and other pastels, we’re calling on this neckpiece to add some instant zing to our everyday work or brunch outfit. The celebrated combination of gold and black adds the perfect metallic touch to our accessories, without pushing our outfit into the bling department.
Available at: Faballey Online

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after amrapali balis 430x550

We’re been big fans of balis ever since we first found out about them. Who knew there was a cooler way to describe the old school round, hoop earrings, right? And now, we have to admit to developing a serious crush on these silver balis from Amrapali’s Tribal Pop collection. We inspected every aspect about them and love it to the tee - the intricate ribbon work within the bali, the oxidised silver base and of course, the round and triangular enamelling in all of our favourite colours puts these on our must buy and must gift list!
Available at: Amrapali

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after roposo bihari neck piece 430x550

While we love traditional jewellery, we’re always complaining that the designs could do with a makeover (of the non-traditional sort.) After all, who would like to be seen wearing a design similar to what their mum wore a few years ago? Our favourite thing about this Bihari neckpiece is that it’s a perfect balance of old and new. Its chunkiness draws parallels to most of the old-school jewellery we see today and the zig-zag metal work adds a modern element of design. We approve and we’re keeping this one handy for our next wedding, engagement or festival we have coming up.
Available at: Roposo Online

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after pretty stoned 2 430x550

Shapes, shapes and more shapes! Another from the ‘Pretty Stoned’ collection, this chunky chained neckpiece isn’t for the lightweights. (We mean this literally as the jewellery is quite heavy on the neck!) While sticking to the more traditional format of round base and central pendant, this neckpiece still manages to be many cuts above the rest. We love the juxtaposition of shapes with the blue pyramid stud stones on the body and the round beads for smooth edges. Not to mention the sudden offset from the white turquoise stone set in an inverted crescent and triangle to hold the winged pendant in place.
Available at: Pretty Stoned

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after amrapali maangtika 430x550

How pretty is this maangtika from Amrapali? At the IIFAs recently actor Nimrit Kaur (from the Lunchbox) wore a silver maangtika with her gold and white sari. Completely bowled over by the contrast of the two opposing metals, we think we’re going to be putting this maangtika to good use. We love the circular shape (as opposed to the conventional moon-shaped ones) that’s suspended by silver beads with intricate work and enamelling in the loveliest of colours. We can’t wait to make a statement by pairing these with our monotone maxi dresses for a day date.
Available at: Amrapali

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after amrapali anklets 430x550

There are two kinds of women we know – the kind that wear anklets and the kind who do not. For both these girls, Amrapali’s new Tribal Pop’s collection features this fantastic silver anklet that’s good enough to dress your entire foot up(you’ll still need that pedicure though.) Quite a riot of colours for one piece of jewellery, this bulky anklet is reminiscent of the jewellery worn by the Rajasthani lady folk as an indication of their worth and wealth.  We’re particularly taken in by the circular finish in sorbet pink and orange.
Available at: Amrapali

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after roposo bangle 430x550

We hardly let anything apart from a watch adorn our wrists. But with a bracelet this pretty, we’ll make an exception. Beautifully crafted, it has both floral as well as traditional accents finely detailed across the body. We think it’d go fabulously well with our kurtas and cotton saris. We have to admit though that some part of our instant liking towards it isbecause it reminds of a bigger version of our favourite old-school balis, the ones we wore when we got the top of our ears pierced.
Available at: Roposo Online

tribal jewellery pieces we are lusting after the big door belt neck piece 430x550

We’ve laid our eyes on a few kamarpattas in the past, mostly belonging to our mums, grand mums and aunts and all of them happened to catch our fancy. So that’s probably why we’re so taken in by this silver kamarpatta (that can also be used as a necklace) that draws inspirations from the jewellery designs of central India. Always suckers for hefty jewellery, we particularly love the singular ghunghroos that add such a traditional touch to this piece.
Available at: The Big Door, Mumbai