No, obviously we’re not trying to steal men’s thunder. But hey, fashion is one instance when things have worked in our favor. It’s well established that we can totally carry men’s apparel with as much oomph… okay who are we kidding? We can carry it with far more oomph! But men can’t really give women’s apparel a shot without being accused of, for the lack of a better term, androgyny! And if the pinstripe pantsuit hasn’t done enough talking, here is the new object of our affection, the bow ties! Here’s the many ways to sport this versatile accessory…

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Feminine flair

Loose-fitted and large ascot bow ties teamed with shirts or blouses are a win-win combination. They work best when worn with skirts, dresses or shorts. Frilled in feminine flair, this look alters the otherwise masculine bow tie into an exquisite women accessory.

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Vintage vibe

A peter pan collar paired with a bow can work wonders on a dress and shirt alike. A sailor shirt with an added vintage bow is another way to ace the bow tie look.

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Corporate classic

To incorporate the bow tie in you work look, pair one with a blazer or waistcoat. Neutral & muted colored bow ties when smartly color combined with shirts can give this look a corporate vibe. A classic black or subtle red can do the trick. Pop colored bow ties with an otherwise black and white look will work too. Saakshi Vyas, a Graphic Designer from Mumbai shows us just how to ace this look.

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Acing sophistication

Tulip ties paired with a formal shirt and skirt look can add that edge of sophistication to your attire. Best for a formal event or a dinner night, this is that time when your bow tie just might give the men’s bow tie a run for its money!

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Dawn the day look

The Fox and brie ties worn with say a denim shirt and short skirts or shorts can give you a perfect school-goers look. A plain shirt dress with fox and brie tie is a perfect combination for a day look. A sleeveless shirt with high-waisted shorts and fox and brie ties can make an apt summer look.

“For all of the above cases, bow ties when teamed with the right pattern and colour will enhance the outfit. It can be worn with a suit for a formal occasion or with a shirt and a cotton trouser for a semiformal do and with denims and a shirt for the casual one.” says Bow tie maker, Dhaara Kumar of online store Felt Paper Scissors.