Thanks to the Internet, we’ve seen the oddest of things. Some so odd, we’re compulsively drawn to them. Like the song ‘What does the fox say?’ that we keep listening to on loop. Or the hot convict who managed to score himself a modelling contract from a prison mugshot? The oddest of things, we tell ya!

So don’t be surprised if we told you there was another odd trend doing the rounds of social media by the hashtag #PaintMixing. Yes, it’s exactly what you think it is; basic paint being mixed. It started when artist Iris Nan casually posted a video of her mixing paint like it was just another post, but the response she received turned her Insta-famous overnight. The hashtag went viral and soon, other people on Instagram were following suit.

opaque color mixing

See what we mean? There’s something oddly satisfying in watching the colours blend together in perfect harmony. It’s calming and as bizarre as it sounds, we couldn’t help being completely engrossed in this with every flattened stroke. What’s most enticing is how, with each pause, there’s a new hue that dominates.

transparent and glitter paint mixing

You can always count on fans and followers to take any trend to the next level. And that’s exactly what they did by adding glitter and texture to the paint.

neon lights paint mixing

Of course, there are other people who choose to go all out by creating a rather psychedelic version of this trend. Because why not, right? Almost a little show in itself, this.

Now that you know the hype, would you give this paint mixing trend a try?

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