Here’s a list of books that should feature on everyone’s reading list.
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E Squared By Pam Grout
Call it 'The secret for Dummies' or call it 'The Universe Hears you', as Pam Grout builds upon the belief that if you put it out here it will manifest. If it doesn't you obviously self-sabotaged. I buy the principle -the universe does deliver but not all of Pam's energy experiments with names like The Abracadabra principle, The Alby Einstein principle and The 101 Dalmatians principles had me hooked. She has written sixteen books and created two I phone apps so she has an easy breezy style that is entertaining but for more meaty stuff read Fritoff Capra's Tao of physics.
License to Live by Priya Kumar
Kumar is a life coach, trainer and motivational speaker and she extends her skills to looking at life in a more holistic seeker's way. She has written three books on this subject. I liked the simplicity of her first book "I am another you " where her epiphany came in a sweat lodge in Norway.
This one turns the simple lessons of living in the present, dropping baggage, letting go of disempowering beliefs into an allegorical tale that is vaguely Tolkien and vaguely Richard Bach. And yes, the journey to self-realization takes place via private jets, BMW pick-ups and suitcase packed by invisible elves.
French Women for All seasons by Mireille Guiliano
So we all know about the famous French Paradox i.e. French women eat and drink what they want including butter and red wine, smoke when they want, don’t particularly like doing weights or hitting the gym and yet they never seem to get fat! After her very successful book "French Women don't get fat" - Guiliano is back with a book that builds on the earlier one, has delicious and simple recipes, menus for all seasons and handy tips on how to drink and store wine, tie your scarf and work on your inner Frenchwoman -meets- Martha Stewart in general. I enjoyed the recipes and the little window into daily French cooking and eating in Provence, Alsace Lorraine and Paris.
Yoga for the Digestive System by Dr Swami Shankardevananda
This is a serious book for people who understand the principles of yoga and ayurveda. Written by a swami who is a qualified doctor, the book has been brought out with support from the Bihar School of Yoga at Munger, which does a lot of research into yoga and its techniques.
In Ayurveda detoxification and cleansing is a prelude to all therapy. Yoga asana and kinas are used in conjunction to accelerate this process. The book is very well written and clearly explains in medical terms the link between the digestive system going out of kilter and disease. It gives detailed asana and kinas to practice for each disorder and for maintenance of a healthy system. There are detailed chapters on each stomach or digestive disorder.
My only quibble is that some of the instructions are technical and assume you know the kriya or practice even though the doctor clarifies which should be practiced with guidance. Not all of us can or should practice vastra dhauti (cloth pulling out of our alimentary canal) or even kunjal kriya (saline vomitting) or try some of the more complex asanas like vipreet karni asana without guidance and assistance.
Don't try any without guidance but this is a good book to have on your shelf as a ready reckoner.
PS: Next time you are at Mumbai’s Kalgahoda drop into Chetana restaurant for a really fulfilling thali meal and then go to the little bookstore inside the restaurant for some soul satisfaction. Most of the books were bought from this store, which is a treasure house of books on spirituality, wellness and alternative healing.