Magazines have been an integral part of the arts and fashion industry since times immemorial. Artists have always taken pride in having their work grace those prestigious magazine covers, be it the photographers, illustrators or designers. And while we often celebrate the works of designers and photographers, illustrators usually tend to get sidelined. Which is why, we have decided to dig into the archives to celebrate some illustrated magazine covers that may have gotten lost under the dust of time.

vintage illustrated magazine covers from early 1900s vogue 430x550


Published June 1913

A dainty lady in a black-and-white striped dress with a red sash smiles as she sniffs a red rose. This illustration by Helen Dryden made this classic romantic cover for the vogue of June, 1913.

vintage illustrated magazine covers from early 1900s harpers bazaar 430x550

Harper’s Bazaar

Published August 1938

During the '30s, Harper's Bazaar published a series of daring covers under the art direction of Alexy Brodovitch, one of them being this Harper's Bazaar cover by graphic designer A. M. Cassandre.

vintage illustrated magazine covers from early 1900s cosmopolitian 430x550


Published July 1932

This Harrison Fisher cover exhibits high degree of technical skills. On the acid test of art appreciation, the cover scores full marks with the "C" of the logo balanced by the circle around the price, the circle around the beach scene, the hat, the umbrella, the woman's arm and curved leg, and even by the curve of the large "G" in the bottom cover line, all balancing each other for complete artistic balance.

vintage illustrated magazine covers from early 1900s vanity fair 430x550

Vanity Fair

Published February 1914

This Vanity Fair cover by Frank X. Leyendecker is a detailed illustration with artistic prowess. Against a blue background adorned with flowers, a lovely ballerina gorgeous in a costume of rose-trimmed celadon satin dress strikes a pose as she joins hands with a masked Harlequin.

vintage illustrated magazine covers from early 1900s good housekeeping 430x550

Good Housekeeping

Published July 1910

This vintage Good Housekeeping cover from July 1910 is another work of art with intricate details. It takes one back to the Victorian times as a lady in a Victorian white skirt blouse with a black bow is seen standing house proud in a balcony as a Chinese print lamp dangles behind her.

Picture Credit- Pinterest