5 Food Trends That Will Be Popular In 2017

Written by Shreya ContractorMar 10, 2017
5 food trends that will be popular in 2017
If fashion evolves, don’t expect food to be left behind, if only for the basic reason of it being a quintessential human need. Everyone enjoys variety, but with the economic fluctuations over the years, a few priorities have shifted for the greater good. Here’s a compilation of the food trends that you should expect to see in 2017.

#1—Less food wastage

#5—Food for social media

Getting the basics right and correcting all the wrongs, expect to see some serious preventative measures taken by food joints and Michelin restaurants alike to avoid food wastage, with initiatives being taken to help out the needy with the vestige.


#2—More healthy foods

#5—Food for social media

Healthy eating and vegan foods are trends we've seen rise over the past years, so in an attempt to take it further, restaurants are now involving food manufacturers and even the local farmers to make them fully aware of the growing demands for healthier foods.


#3—Cutting down on alcohol

#5—Food for social media

With healthy eating comes a happy decline in alcohol which the youth today, surprisingly, doesn’t mind. Cocktails have replaced shooters (unless you’re a teenager) and an appreciation for gastronomy is being developed. So unless you’re genuinely surprising them, they’d rather pass (and save a few bucks!)


#4—Taking inspiration from the streets

#5—Food for social media

Talk about saving bucks and street food’s the first to come to mind. Precisely why this trickle up theory works so well for the fine dining restaurants, because they’re making what’s already good, even better. Pani puri shots? Pav bhaji quiche? You can only take a guess at what’s next!


#5—Food for social media

#5—Food for social media

Lastly, duh! How good could your food life be if you couldn’t make Snap, Insta and the latest, WhatsApp Stories out of it? Studies have revealed how Instagramming your food actually makes it taste better, so expect restaurants worldwide to world take optimum advantage of it.

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