Fresh figs may not be available throughout the year but the good news is that you can easily fulfill your desire of consuming them by stocking up on dried figs! Juicy and delicious, these fruits are full of nutrients that allow our body to meet dietary requirements and in turn, help us stay away from several ailments. Here’s a low-down on why these fruits are hugely beneficial for your body.
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Cures anemia

If you’ve been feeling weak and tired way too often, it could be due to iron deficiency. The one big change you can make is to include dried figs in your diet as they’re a rich source of iron. Iron is needed in the body to transport oxygen in your blood. When your meals don’t contain enough iron, your body will have to work harder to deliver oxygen to your cells, a drop in which can make you feel lethargic and dull. Figs are particularly good to eat when you have your period and losing a lot of blood.

Strengthens bones

If research is anything to go by, dried figs contain more calcium than any other fruit! A dried fig can give you 3% calcium of your daily calcium requirement. This along with other calcium-rich foods can help make your bones stronger than ever thereby helping you stay away from arthritis and osteoporosis. Such a powerful fruit, isn’t it?

Controls blood pressure

Dried figs are loaded with potassium, which helps lower blood pressure by reducing the ill-effects of salt in the body. One dried fig will give you 129 mg of potassium and barely 2mg of sodium. So beat hypertension the natural way by including dried figs in your diet.

Betters digestion

Just like most other fruits, dried figs are known to be rich in fibre. Including dried figs in your meals can help you stay away from stomach problems and also improve bowel function. Dried figs are natural laxatives, which prevent constipation and other digestive disorders.