We’ve all tried, and failed, a diet or two. The truth is food is just too wonderful to give up entirely. But if you’re reaching out for a cookie or a pack of chips at every opportunity, stuffing yourself during meals till you can’t work, there might be a problem. Binge eating is a bigger issue than we might want to admit. While severe tendencies may require medical help, many of us can curb the urge to eat by ourselves. What does it take? Understanding bingeing and focusing on self-control.
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Mind Meals

A squabble takes you straight to chocolate; a bad day at work makes you crave burgers for dinner. We instinctively reach for comfort foods to make up for anything that goes wrong. Each time you eat, ask yourself—Are you really hungry? It’s often just your state of mind.

Junk It

Clear your refrigerator, clean your shelves—get rid of every bit of junk food from your house. You might struggle in the beginning, but not having cookies and chips around each time you feel like a bite makes it easier to resist bingeing.

Good Distractions

Boredom is another binge trigger. Find a fruitful distraction to stop your munching mania. Go for a run, work on a quick DIY project, or hang out with friends. The key is to find an activity with no sign of food around. Hunger pangs are less frequent when you stay busy.

Focus Forward

We admit it, feeling hungry can make anyone miserable. But you’ll feel a lot better when you think of your goal. Imagine fitting into that dress you haven’t worn in months. Feels better already, doesn’t it?

Time for Treats

Everyone deserves a cheat day. Choose what works best for you—some stuff themselves on weekends and others prefer a small, daily indulgence. Your binge habits are more likely to relapse if you deprive yourself. Keep your appetite and mind satisfied.