Yoga may have originated in India, but today it’s a global phenomenon. There’s no lack of yoga schools and everyone’s trying to master the headstand. Little wonder that UN declared that June 21 would be marked as International Yoga Day. With growing popularity, a number of new, experimental forms of yoga have also emerged. Here are three forms which have caught our attention lately.

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Aerial Yoga

Yoga in the air? Yes please. This incredible workout regime is also called anti-gravity yoga. While traditional techniques are rooted to the floor, here you’ll be perched on a hammock strung from the ceiling. The poses combine principles of yoga with pilates and dance. The result is a graceful form of exercise that will leave you feeling airy, quite literally. And don’t worry about falling—these hammocks are made of super sturdy fabrics that can take a lot of weight.

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Zen Yoga

One of the primary goals of yoga is to achieve a balance between your body and mind. Zen Buddhism aspires towards a similar harmony. So it’s hardly surprising that the two have been combined into a distinct form. Though it was originally practised by Buddhist monks, the form has moved beyond Zen institutions and gained a fan-following among yoga junkies in the West. Reconnect body and spirit with its fluid movements and breathing exercises.

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If you’re looking to channel a gymnast’s curves, this form may have a solution for you. Acro-yoga combines the acrobatic stances of gymnastics with yoga for an intense workout regime. Using gymnastic techniques, participants are paired up to complete the poses. Entire acro-yoga communities have emerged abroad, though the form is only starting to make an impact in India. Acro-yoga must be practised with precision to avoid injuries. Our suggestion: don’t try this if you’re a fitness novice.