5 Ways To Add Life To The Work Desk

Written by Shreya ContractorOct 08, 2018
A work desk is the first thing to motivate you once you get to work. A shabby, unkempt one will instantly demotivate you right there, and God forbid it's a Monday, because it'll only be a long week after that. So how do you perk up that desk? We’ll show you…

Stock up on pretty <a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/6-essential-pieces-for-stationery-lovers">stationery</a>

Hit that bulletin board

Colourful notebooks and desk calendars, animated table clocks, pretty pens and pen holders could all make for some very appealing things to go to work to, and make work look like it’s fun.


Care for your <a href="/lifestyle/work-and-life/5-tech-gadget-releases-that-made-our-lives-easier-in-2016">gadgets</a>

Hit that bulletin board

Whether you're using a laptop or a desktop computer, you can always protect them with graphic sleeves and/or colourful keyboard covers and mouse pads to keep up the happy vibe.


Add some actual life

Hit that bulletin board

By actual life, we mean some real flowers and plants. They're readily available in the market and the DIY options for the same are endless on Pinterest. You'll soon realise how quickly they can brighten up your mornings.


Have play time buds

Hit that bulletin board

Bring your miniature dinos, cars or even minions (that you probably love so much) to add life to your workspace. They're amusing to look at and are great stress busters altogether—so why not?


Hit that bulletin board

Hit that bulletin board

Fill it with motivational quotes, pictures of places you'd love to travel to (that could motivate you to work harder) and/or even family if you ever need support to get through the day. Take our word for it, it helps.

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