As more and more of us girls have been bitten by the wanderlust bug, safety has become a prime concern. BeBEAUTIFUL provides rules that help you stay protected while you explore the nooks and crannies of our historically-rich and culturally-riveting country.
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Take your BFFS along
While there is no reason why one cannot travel alone, and many argue that the road to self-exploration is best complemented by a couple of days of ‘alone-time’—it might be just a tad safer for single women to travel with at least one or two other people.

The power of eye contact
Make sure any eye contact you maintain with a male counterpart is brief and lacks intimacy—as this can be misinterpreted. Be casual with your words and alert and aloof with your body language.

Eat your own grub, drink your own drink
 Don’t accept food and drinks from strangers, especially in crowded places like buses and festivals—and particularly when they seem overly friendly and insistent. Visit bars and restaurants that have plenty of customers and make sure that whatever you drink comes in a sealed bottle.

Be alert
Be aware of your environment as this is not only a great way of picking up on the nuances of the place you are visiting, but also ensures that you are aware at all times. Iif there is something that seems off you can immediately pick up on it.

Lastly, our advice is that you always listen to your gut, and never second guess it. You’d rather be wrong and safe than wrong and sorry, right?

If you have any more helpful tips to share with the BB community, make sure you write them in the comments section and help us all stay beautiful, safe and happy!