There’s no doubt about the fact that our Bollywood divas work mighty hard. But besides that, they’re also avid travellers and like taking quick breaks whenever they get the time. While they love exploring new places, there are some locations that they absolutely adore and love visiting over and over again. Want to know what their favourite destination is? We tell you all about them.

bollywood stars favourite holiday destinations anushka sharma 600x400

Anushka Sharma – The Himalayas

Anushka Sharma has always been a travel lover and often takes off to locations whenever she gets some time off from her busy schedule. But her favourite spot is the Himalayas because she believes them to a place where she finds immense peace and tranquility. In fact, the actress has often told the media how she absolutely loves staying at the Ananda Spa in the Himalayas and how it provides sanity to her fast-paced life.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan – Gstaad

For those who don’t know, Bebo’s favourite holiday spot is Gstaad in Switzerland. So much so that at the end of every year, she and husband Saif Ali Khan take off to the snow-capped sanctuary of Gstaad. Apparently, Bebo finds this location super romantic and makes sure they spend almost all their holidays here. Aww!

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Katrina Kaif – London

Katrina may be quite the travel buff and loves discovering new places but her heart lies in London. Well, the actress has family there and loves heading to London whenever she gets a break from her shooting schedules. In fact, she makes sure she spends almost every Christmas with her family in London. Sweet, we say.

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Bipasha Basu – Goa

Bipasha Basu may have visited several locations on her shoots but it is Goa that will always remain close to her heart. Whether it’s a birthday celebration or a New Year getaway, the actress almost always picks Goa as her holiday spot. Don’t believe us? Well, her Instagram profile has plenty of pictures of her having a helluva time in the beachy destination.